thread: super sore BBs

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    Jul 2007

    super sore BBs

    My DS is 8 months old and we have been BF really well up until now (with a few issues of distraction, nipping etc, but that's normal). But yesterday he totally refused to feed all day. If I put my nipple near his mouth, he would scream and turn away, and twice he chomped down so hard that he drew blood on the top and bottom of my nipple. He has two teeth on top and bottom Ouch. So, 2 problems. My BBs were so engorged and rock hard, and I expressed. But my lefty remains incredibly sensitive and sore. It's not lumpy like maybe mastitis, but its just really really tender and hurts to touch it or move. Could this be from being over engorged, or from expressing maybe on too high a setting? Do I put hot wheat bag on it, or something cold?

    And secondly, I am now scared to feed him (especially on that side) for fear he will bite again, and it just plain hurts enough already. He fed on it during the night when he was sleepy and that was OK, he didn't bite, but it hurt.

    I am totally committed to BF for as long as possible, I know this is a little hurdle, but what to do?

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    Hi Campari

    I suffer from sore breasts too and my LC's advice is to warm the breast before expressing/feeding and then put a cold pack on afterwards. Also massage it during the feed/express. It is soooo painful but totally worth doing so that lumps/aches etc don't turn into mastitis.

    Hope this helps

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    Oh Campari I totally feel your pain. IMO and this is only IMO after spending 9 months engorged on an almost daily basis, I think it does cause your BBs and chest and arm to ache and be tender in general. I also find that after expressing I am much more sensitive too. I alternate with warm and cool depending on what relieves it best at that time. Warm usually assisted to soften whist the cool was like putting out a fire...ahhhh pure bliss
    I dont know if its recommended, gosh I sound very me me me here, so my apologies but I ended up taking DD off one side due to major injury and just expressed off that side, maybe thats an option, it shouldnt take too long to heal. We exclusively fed off the right side for 3 1/2 months! (it was pretty extensive damage), after that we were back and are still going.
    Hope you can get a bit of assistance here hun, you are doing a great job and 8 months is something you should be incredibly proud of!!!! I know you will beat this little bump in the road stay strong.

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    Thanks Lily Dust and Starangelk, good advice. I was confused about the heat and cold thing, but that all makes sense. My DS is still biting, but if I catch him when he is really relaxed and drowsy I am able to get a little bit of bb in to him, and he is drinking some water so at least he is OK! Lots of night feeds coming up I think.
    I hope this doesn't last too long. I really don't want him to wean and I don't want my milk supply to drop off. But my lefty is still soooo sore
    Thanks again x