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Thread: Tandem feeding & colostrum

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    Default Tandem feeding & colostrum

    Hello, me again

    Just a few more questions, when my colostrum arrives, how do i go about tandem feeding?

    At the moment DS1 feeds on demand but is okay to wait when asked to.

    So would i feed Newborn first and then offer to DS1? OR

    Feed newborn from one side and DS1 from other side?

    I just want to make sure Newborn gets all the colostrum he needs. Or is my body making twice as much so i should worry about this?

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    paradise lost Guest


    If you had twins your body would make enough, and it would only know it had to feed twins at the point they were born and you put them both to the breast. Since you've been BFing DS#1 all through the PG i'd imagine that your body will make plenty of colostrum and plenty of milk. Babies that do not get "enough" colostrum don't exist anymore- in the 70's they used to get mums to express off the colostrum and give bubs formula until the "real" milk came in - THOSE babies didn't get enough colostrum!

    I would say the usual baby-to-breast formula will ensure there's plenty of milk for both kidlets (by "baby" i just mean whichever of your boys happens to be hungry!) since it's time at the breast that brings supply in and dictates the production level. If both boys feed there will be enough for both boys.

    FWIW colostrum is present to some extent in breastmilk for the first 6 weeks - plent of time!

    Don't fret


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    It's coming up quickly now!
    Get yourself a good book - for a quick cheap read, ABA's "breastfeeding through pregnancy and beyond". For more info - Hilary Flowers' "Adeventures in Tandem Feeding" Different tandem feeding mums have different ways of dealing with it - often responding to situations that arise at the time. You might begin a few little talks with your "big kid" about "babies can only have mummies milk - but big kids can have other food as well" So maybe in the ealy days, let bub feed first and your son finish - good thing is, when your milk comes in there's usually more than enough for everyone. Some mums allocate one breast each, others allow baby first dibs, and the older child can feed after that
    Warm Regards

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