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Thread: why are nipple shields not recommended?

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    Great news Gracie, well done! Keep up the good work hun.

    My ILs live in Kalorama, so I'm there often

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    Lotsa wees, lotsa poos, putting on weight - doing a GREAT job Gracie.

    Congratulations on your little man, and welcome to the world of poo conversations!

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    Hi Gracie
    I was just thinking about this last night when writing a response to my hospital's lactation clinic followup. My (not so) little man is now 10 months and still using a nipple shield. We had enormous difficulties getting bfing going due a combination of flat nipples, long hard labour followed by c/s, Angus's low blood sugar (needed a nasal-gastro tube and to stay in the nursery for a week) and impatient nature. It just about did my head in as I was soo commited to bfing but couldn't 'make' it work.

    The lactation consultants and midwives tried all sorts of tricks and we finally got some things happening with a shield. I tried a number of times (with support) to get him feeding without it with no success so just went with the flow. I haven't had any problem with supply once it got established and my boy still loves his boobie many times a day!

    I know many experts prefer you not to use them but IMO my bub is better off using it than giving up bfing and ffing. You're only in the early days, you're both still learning, so keep up the good work and try what you feel comfortable with. If you need to keep using the shield, don't beat yourself up - you're doing a fabulous job feeding your little one. As a wise woman said to me in the midst of my floods of tears - if your little one is being fed, then the most important thing has been taken care of. (Next is to take care of you!)

    All the best

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