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Thread: House Appraisal?

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    Default House Appraisal?

    We are getting an appraisal done on Wednesday afternoon..

    Does the house have to be absolutely spotless like for an open house? I mean our house is clean but I mean cleaning blinds etc.

    What should we expect? Just for them to walk through and give us a price?


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    For our appraisals I just made sure that the unit was clean. I didn't tidy it any differently to normal and it was great as the agents gave me tips on what to get rid of and hide away which was really helpful. For the open houses I made sure the house was really clean, fresh flowers on the table and bread cooking for that yummy smell. I also had it as decluttered as possible which really did make the difference.

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    Yep it's just a walk through, might ask questions re: land size etc but doesn't have to be like it would be for a sale inspection. Most RE's know when it's actually on the market you will put in all that effort, and like Liviam said, some can give you tips on 'depersonalising' the house for sale. Good luck!

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    hun theyre there for all of 5 mins, all thy look at is how big the house is realy and maybe the block. im a weirdo though and anytime any kind of professional walks in my house i HAVE to have it spotless (which sure isnt easy with 2 kids!)
    We have someone coming through tomorrow looking to buy our house. ive done most of it just need to re vac and mop, but i know i'll leave the house and then be like OMG i cant believe i forgot to do that!

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    Ours was clean and tidy but we had toys and boxes everywhere as we had started packing before selling and it was fine. For photos it needs to be spotless and also for OFI's etc. Good luck!

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    Oooh he was gorgeous! hahahahaa

    He came to the door and im like hellooooo rofl. He said he'll call back with a price but he looked around for awhile and was positive gave us pointers on where to improve

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    Oh my I just had another one done. He gave me a price straight away! $550-595 000!!! Wait until I tell dp he'll faint I think he only bought it for $180 000. I'm excited now lol I had to tell someon lol

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