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    WE JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE!! Well, we signed the contract on one last night, and providing final paperwork goes through without a hitch, it'll be ours by August.

    I feel sooo very excited...and sooo very sick at the thought of owing all that money...but the positives outweight anything scary about it that's for sure!

    Finally, we can do what we want, when we want and it's OURS! No more pointless rent! And our mortgage will be less than our rent (we are currently paying $600 a week) so that's a mega whoopee!

    Sure, DH's family are syaing how we should have done this years ago and it's a bit old to be getting started now (we're only 26 FFS - not 126!) but we're proud of ourselves for waiting until we found the right property and the best time for us and the market. Darwin is expensive at the best of times, but prices are dropping and we got a great deal, so no complaints here

    Sorry, this post really has no point - I just wanted to share my excitement!!

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    Woohoo congratulations!! It is such an exciting step, buying your own home, and no it's never too old to get started!! Have fun dreaming about where all the furniture will go, what colours you will paint etc etc Even if you don't do anything to it for awhile, it's so much fun to think about what you can do, and the best part is, you can do it because it's yours! Congrats

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    how exciting!
    congratulations on your buy!

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    Congratulations thats exciting!!

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