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Thread: OMG pushy real estate agents!

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    Default OMG pushy real estate agents!

    We got another appraisal yesterday and this one said we dont have to do a kitchen, I kinda thought bonus where as DP thought it was suss iykwim.

    Anyway, they dropped off some statistics today while I was out and I have been home 15 mins and already had a call asking if they can bring people through next week?!?

    Wtf? Is this normal?

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    We had people like that while selling our first home and in the end it put me right off them, I mean if they are going to be this pushy with the owner imagine what they are putting the buyer through. I know from buying that I don't like them trying to push me into things, even if it's just buying a toaster let alone a 25+ year commitment.

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