Hi all!!

Just posting a thread on here (Mods please let me know if it is not allowed)....

Just a post for anyone looking at selling on Brisbane Southside, (mostly around like Browns Plains, Crestmead, Heritage Park, Hillcrest, Marsden, Jimboomba, etc but they also go as far as Forest Lake, Parkinson, Logan etc) I have a FANTASTIC Real Estate agency to recomend to you. My husbnad works for them but they are actually appealing at the moment for ANY listings as they have been doing so well over the last few months, that they have sold almost everyhting! They are so desperate for properties! And my husband has all the paperwork to prove their sales and how they are out selling the competition at the moment.

So if you would like any contact details, PM me and I will be more than happy to give yout the name and number ( I assume I am not allowed to post it on here)...

Also, if you know of people in this area who are looking to sell, by referring them to this real estate agency, you get a referral gift (as long as they list) and its usually worth betwen $50-$70! Just for the referral.

Im just putting it out there to get as many people spreading the word as possible... lol

Also, if you are struggling to find a good Real Estate agent in your area, my husband can do all the research and locate the best agent (with the highest sales) in your area and put you in contact with them... PM me if you would like any details!!!