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    We've just sold our house and bought a new one and are moving in about 3 weeks, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good removalist companies? We are in the Western Melb suburbs and are moving about 25 minutes further down the road, so not far. I've heard horror stories about bad removalists and am hoping to avoid having one of my own.

    We're planning on boxing everything ourselves, but do the removalists usually dismantle and reassemble things (like bunk beds), or do we have to do that ourselves?

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    I don't think they do, and if they do it will add up to the cost. Have as much as you can ready to go, they are on an hourly rate.
    I also load the car and get them to follow me there - I've had one get "lost" before...

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    Ooooh, good idea about pre-loading the car Lulu! I've been doing some calling around today and find it amusing that they all advertise in great big letters that they charge by the hour, as if none of the other companies do, hehe. So far, all of them I have called are work by the hour!

    We're planning on having everything boxed up and ready to go in the hopes of minimising the amount of time that we'll need the removalists. Oh, and now that I've looked around the house I think it's only the one set of bunk beds that needs dismantling and the companies have all said that the "men" can do that no problem, it just adds on extra time that you pay for.

    My top contenders at the moment are "city west removals" and "fragile removals". Pricewise they seem similar, both seem to include insurance and stuff, and they were both nice on the phone lol. So unless anyone comes in and tells me that they had a bad experience with either of those I guess I'll just let DH choose which one to go with (that way if it turns out to be a bad choice it's not my fault ).

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    i rented my own truck and moved my crap myself well hubby drove lol btw where u moving too?

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    i think i might be a bit too late but 've used a company called backloads twice. they've been good & reasonably priced (imo) both times. i was also impressed at the speed they did things & they moved our plasma tv without any problems.

    i liked them as well because they charged from the time they arrived rather than from their depot (which some do).

    good luck with the move

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    Hi KrystieLove

    We used Grace Removals when we moved from Melbourne to Brissy last year and they were really good (a friend of mine also used them to move from Melbourne to Sydney and was also very happy with them). They do the dismantling of any furniture if you request that up front when you book the move in.

    As with all moves, I would strongly suggest getting insurance. They have a number of policies to choose from. We got comprehensive and ended up getting an entire new $3k lounge suite because they scuffed the old one slightly! They also do long and short term storage. Check their website out.

    ...and no, I don't work for them, haha

    Good luck with the move.
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    The last move we did within Melbourne we used Kents and were very happy with them. They were also used when my workplace moved. Pretty sure they charge by the hour, 2 guys and a truck.

    As for getting your own truck, I have had friends take over a month to move themselves that way. The truck was not big enough, so they had to do car trips for weeks following to get the last of their stuff across. In the end the cost of petrol and thankyou gifts to the friends that helped them totalled more than what a professional would have charged to do it all on the one day.

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    Thanks Sloane, Sambo and Astrid! I'll look those three up tomorrow and see how they compare

    Jess - I'm moving slightly closer to you, lol. From Maribyrnong to Caroline Springs