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Thread: Renting and getting things fixed

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    Default Renting and getting things fixed

    we are renting at the moment and are having troubles with our gas central heating. The landlord had some one come around today to look at the unit and it turns out it needs replacing (its like 20yrs old) as it is becoming a huge hazzard.
    We have a fire place in the lounge and one in our DD's room but are unable to get wood (cant afford it either).
    So my questions is:
    Does the landlord have to fix the central heating unit even though we have another source of heating?


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    Yes, if it worked when you moved in.

    If he has to repair it or replace it he gets to write it off on tax anyway.

    If he was nice and you're freezing he'd toss you a trailer load of wood or something ... I know I would if i was your landlord, its bloody freezing at this time of year

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    Yes he does, especially if it's a hazard... He has a duty of care to provide a safe living environment for you and your family... something like that can drastically impact his income from the property

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    This is from the Tenants Union of Vic website....

    The landlord must carry out urgent repairs immediately (ie within 2-3 days). At the start of your tenancy, the landlord or real estate agent must provide you with a telephone number you can reach them on in case
    of urgent repairs.

    > a failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided for water, hot water, cooking, heating or doing laundry

    Might be worth checking with the union if a fireplace is considered a source of heating or not.

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