Hi everyone,
My son was born at 35wks by c-section he was breech and i also had low fluid. I came to see the midwives just for a normal checkup and they asked if baby was moving much. Now i wasnt going to say anything because i just thought he was just running out of room. But then i told her not really. The midwife sent me to get a ctg done, and it showed there were some tighenings happening and they asked if i could feel it, i said no. So they sent me for an ultrasound and it showed i had low fluid. So they then sent me to see the doctor and he checked again and then told me i had to have a c-section. So that night i was admitted into hospital and the next day my son was born. Im really upset i had to have a c-section, it all happend so fast they didnt really sit me down and explain everything the risks. Now im thinking if i told the doctor i didnt want one could they have induced me like a couple of weeks later.