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Thread: C section due to baby's size?

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    Thanks Kelly, I read the articles, I still don't know if it was a scare tactic, I really think I need to make an appt with the surgeon who did my c/s and talk to him, unfortunately he is known as 'Victor' around these parts for making such a mess of people. I am still also in pain around the incision area so how do I know if I haven't been messed up? We don't have a full OB around here I know that my cervix also wasn't dilating and the midwife made a few attempts to stretch it, ouchie, but it just bounced back which was another reason for the c/s. All I know is I am terrified either way.

    Castle, I have a big fear of rupture going both ways, the lady I shared a hospital room with had gone into labour early for her 4th child and she had 3 prior c/s I don't know how long she laboured for but she ruptured and ended up with a hysterectomy for her trouble. I will get around to the story, it is very hard for me still. I got a few paragraphs done 2 months ago and wasn't ready to go any further, it is full of anger. I guess I have to work through it sometime.

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    Oh hon that sounds sooooo awful, no one should have to see a doctor like that No wonder you are frightened out of your mind. Would you consider an indepedent midwife? If you email me, I can see if there is one in your area, she can help you with de-breifing, even if not to support you, but to help give you some answers and support... no-one should go through what the two of you did
    Kelly xx

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    Can I just say that like anything birth is a personal choice.

    For the same reasons that I didn't think the risk of uterine rupture was high enough for me to have a repeat c/s, those same figures may be reason enough for someone else to have a repeat c/s. Birth is personal one's own reason is simply that. And I think we need to realise that information provided is not riddled with agenda, its simply to allow people to have all the facts. At the end of the day if someone wants to have a c/s for WHATEVER reason they should do it. But OWN it, just like I owned my VBAC. If someone says to me "How could you put your baby at risk" I simply say for me the risks weren't high enough for me to miss out on a VBAC. That doesn't mean that I'm wrong and they are right it just means we are different. People take risks every day, when someone jaywalks its a risk, but that person weighs up the risk "Ok I know people can get hit by jaywalking, but this road is pretty clear and I feel safe enough to cross. I also have to be somewhere in 2 minutes and don't have time to wait at a crossing." Now whilst someone may or maynot agree with this risk its personal. BUT I still think the information should be available that in certain situations there is a risk associated with jaywalking. (And I am not saying that a c/s birth is similar to jaywalking nor am I saying its similar to VB... its just an analogy). But the thing is when someone says to us why did you Jaywalk, we say "Oh I was fine *I* didn't see a problem with it" We don't say "Well the man I was standing next to suggested to me that I should jaywalk"

    Whatever birth you choose you weigh up the risks vs your personal feelings & thoughts towards birth. I would not rely on an OB, or Midwife, or Doula or friend to tell me what they thought was the best birth for me, I would take all the information provided to me and I would make a choice based on my own personal feelings.

    SO whatever you want to do do it. If you want to be informed go for it, if you are happy with the amount of information you have go for it. If you have personal reasons then own it, there should be no shame no matter what birth you choose, be it vb or cs. Intervention or none, we are all individuals. There is no right or wrong, just what is right for you.

    Kelly you do have an agenda, that agenda is to keep women informed, so that when they choose the birth that is right for them they don't read up later and find something that may have altered their decision. Birth guilt is a horrible thing and I know its something both you and I have experienced and we try so hard to combat. It doesn't mean you are anti anything you are just pro informed, empowered women to have the birth experience that best suits them.

    I would also like to apologise to the OP that this thread has turned out this way. I hope that you were able to skim through and find the information you needed.


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