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    mellybelly Guest

    Default c-section help

    Hi I'm new, just joined today after lurking for ages. I've been ttc for about 7 months. I'm just hoping someone will be able to answer my questions.
    I've been told by my doctor I will probably need a c-section due to a small pelvis and a minor health problem.
    I am just wondering if anyone who has had a c-section developed an infection from the operation. I'm completely paranoid about getting staph or golden staph. I'm just wondering how common it really is? Has anyone on here had that or any other infection?
    Also if you've had a c-section with no problems I'd love to hear about them too (to ease my mind).
    Thanks for your help.

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    Mel, I would get a second opinon and research this - CPD (cephalo pelvic disproportion) is overdiagnosed, but does exist in very small amounts of cases. What was the diagnosis based on? If it was based on an xray or 'just looking at you' then this can be innaccurate. When you are lying on a bed having an xray, your pelvis is nowhere near as open and mobile as it will be in labour, it's the least optimal position. There are women on BellyBelly who have been told by their Obs that their babies were too big or pelvises too small, but have gone on to birth bigger babies. This problem was common in our own mother's day too but Obs became embarassed when women went to birth bigger babies at home. So do your reasearch before agreeing to anything, second opinion if you can and grab a copy of 'The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth,' by Henci Goer.

    Infection is quite common after a caesar, an IV antibiotic can be administered, Golden Staph is not so common but does happen - there is a story in these forums, but if you contract it, it's to do with the hospital and not you. The cases are very low of GS.

    Good luck!
    Kelly xx

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    Hi Mel - Welcome to BB. Please get a second opinion on your CPD, I was diagnosed with CPD, curved tail bone, small mother/big baby and a number of other things which my OB encourage a c/s for, I went ahead with the c/s not knowing any better (May 2005), I have since found out what Kelly has mentioned that CPD can be inaccurate to diagnose (I had a CT scan to diagnose mine) as everything moves throughoyt labour and makes room for bubs and bubs head will mould to fit.

    I`m 24.5 weeks pregnant with #2 I felt very cheated with my c/s, I don`t know what labour feels like, I feel like I didn`t give birth to my son, when they handed my baby to me, it all seemed so surreal that one minute I`m pregnant next they are handing me a baby that they say is my son.

    I have got a second opinion about my CPD and looking at my results they seem to think I`ll be able to birth my baby boy vaginally even though it is on the cards he`ll be big like my first and I am a small woman it doesn`t stop my body being able to do something which comes naturally.

    With my c/s I was given an anitibiotic which is routinely prescribed to stop infections, as for the c/s itself, during it I did feel nauseous/light headed and afterwards it took 3 hours for the spinal block to start wearing off so I could eventually go to the ward to see my baby and fed him. I was in a lot of pain afterwards, my husband had to help me get in and out of bed, on and off the toliet, showering and off course you can`t just get up to your baby your husband or midwives have to help you.

    Good Luck

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    Hi Mel and welcome! I second what Kelly said about being informed... gather all the info you can before you make a final decision, and don't feel pressured either way.

    If you're looking for "successful" c-sections, then I'm your girl. I've had two, and I didn't suffer any post-C pain at all... just a little stretching feeling when I overdid it (jogging down a hospital corridor to see my son who was in the NICU, if I recall correctly, so it was self-induced). I also didn't have any problems bonding with my babies and got to nurse my daughter straight away when she was born and kept her with me in recovery the whole time. My son was a different story, but he had congenital heart failure so they had to put him in a special crib etc.

    I think it's very important to make an informed decision, don't feel pressured by family, medical staff, or even people on these boards such as me. Once you've made your decision, own it and embrace it, and try to process all the consequences and possible outcomes of your decision, if you can.

    I hope that helps. You've certainly come to the right place (BB) to start your information gathering. Maybe read the birth stories... that will give you an idea of what people went through with their vaginal and C-section births.

    Good luck!

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    I had a c-section a little over a month ago. I did get a minor infection, not sure exactly what is was but they did a swab and told me it was something found on your body anyway- if that makes any sence?? I just had to take one round of antibiotics and that was that.

    Recovery was great- no issues. I had a few times here i was very sore- BUT the reason for that was that in no way did i feel like id just had a major operation! I felt fine, so it was very easy to forget all the "dont do this, dont do that" stuff.. i simply over did it at times.

    Just make sure you talk to the staff about being able to be with your baby as much as possible. I know it cant always be perfect if the bub needs extra attention, but just make sure you find out your options.

    Take care

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    I had an emergency c/s with my DD and had no pain afterwards or infection. I was really lucky as my sister did get a slight infection in her scar/wound that took wuite a while to heal. They do give you a dose of antibiotics now after your c/s for about 3 days. One lady in my ward also had a c/s and had a minor infection to. All I can suggest for wound care is to keep it as clean and dry as possible.A sanitary pad over the wound did wonders for me.


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    Hi Mel,
    I had a em c/s last year and it really wasn't a problem> I had a minor infection in hopsital but some antibiotics cleared it up in a couple of days. I could move fine and get up and down ok. Bonding took a while, but now is really strong.
    I would definitely find a doctor who would give you a trial labour; ie if everything goes well you deliver fine, otherwise they are ready for a c/s if that is necessary.
    All the best!
    Oh, and I would also recommend preparing yourself just in case; you don't want to have to go through all the 'loss of labour' emotions after the baby has arrived and you're trying to recover.....

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    ange-par Guest


    Hi Mel

    I had a c-section and it was the best thing ever. After 3 failed inductions, labour stopping, high blood pressure, liver problems and massive swelling, I made the final decission to have it. I had a general anasetic. I was not allowed to have anyone in the operating room. Mum waited just outside. Ella was cleaned up and given to Mum until I was able to ask for her in recovery. It was about 1.5hrs. I have no regrets whatsoever abot the c-section and if I had another baby I would do the same again. No infections and only minor pain.

    You need to do what you feel is right for you and your baby.


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    Hi Mel....Kel has a very valid point though if it does become a c section please try not to worry too much. I have had 3 c sections and not one infection. A Sanitary pad over the wound helps to keep it dry like Kirsty has said. That always worried getting out of a shower and keeping it dry.


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    Voonie baby Guest

    Unhappy C section

    i had an emergancy c section only 6 weeks ago and i contracted golden staph.. i have been so ill and now i have just found out today that the infection may have damaged my uterus making it hard for me to safely carry a healthy baby!!!
    if it wasnt an emergancy i would have never concidered having a c section.. i missed out on spending the first 4 weeks on my baby life with him and now i feel robbed.. i would never recommend the procedure unless it was for health reasons.

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