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Thread: C-section question

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    Default C-section question

    I had a c-section 2 and a half weeks ago and I was told by a couple of people who had them years ago that they still feel numb all the time and even pain sometimes
    is this normal?
    am I ever going to feel and not be in pain or should I just get used to it?

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    Congratulations on your bub!

    Alot of people say that they have ongoing numbness around their scar for many years after their c/section. Basically when they make the incision they severe nerves which can take a long time to grow back.
    I had a c/s 7 months ago and I have most of the feeling back now. There are still a couple of spots but I'd say they feel more "weird" than numb because I can feel it when I touch there, it just feels odd. I expect that will disappear eventually since I've got most of my feeling back already.
    As far as the pain, I don't have any pain now. I'm wondering whether my scar might get tender in the colder weather, that remains to be seen, but it certainly doesn't give me any pain now.
    Give it time, it's only been two weeks and honestly that's not very long at's still very early days . I noticed a really huge improvement around the 3 week mark and it was all much better from there on.

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    Isabeau Guest


    thank you your reply is very reassuring I hope I get most of the feeling back too
    and all the pain goes

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    HI Isabeau and congrats on your bub too.

    It definitely gets better and quite quick. Like Flea said, the numbness can hang around for quite a while but the pain shouldn't. I've had 2 c/s and haven't had pain past 3 weeks for either unless you do something abit different to normal like carrying something awkwardly or simliar.

    Hope your pain disappears quick, take care

    Julie x

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    Isabeau Guest


    Thanks so much

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