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thread: Caesarean Chatter #3

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    Melinda Guest

    Caesarean Chatter #3

    Welcome to the caesarean chatter thread!

    Did you have a caesarean? Was it an elective caesarean or an emergency caesarean? How did you feel about it? Share your experiences here!!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I was just thinking about what I will do if and when I have another baby. I will probably go for an elective c-section. I am assuming that I can do that since I have already had one? I just don't see the point in trying to go through it naturally if the same complications (high BP) will arise. Anyone else thinking about doing this too?

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    Registered User

    Jan 2004

    Yes deb, I will be more than likely having an elective c-section. After DD was born, I freaked out a bit about having another c-section and wanted to try for a vbac. It ended up with DH and I having a huge argument one day about it, and him begging me not to try for a vbac as he was worried about losing me! Long story short, DH was waiting for me to return from theatre, holding our DD, and was told I would be back in the room in 20 minutes.. and it ended up being a few hours and he thought something had happened to me. Poor hubby was terrified!

    Funny thing is, I find myself daydreaming about being told I can try for a vbac, and I start to get terrified about it! Weird hey?


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    *Megan* Guest

    Hello Everyone

    Just popping in quickly to say that I am having our baby boy via c/s in the morning at 10.30am....please send me recovery vibes when you get the chance....this is our first baby - so I can't answer your question Debbie - sorry!

    Hope that everyone is doing OK and I will look forward to chatting in here when I am back online next week..

    Best wishes


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    Registered User

    Jan 2004

    Ooh how exciting Megan!! Lots of luck and truckloads of recovery vibes for you!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Good luck Megan! You will be just fine! Sending you stacks of recovery vibes. Hopefully your c-section will go as smoothly as mine. Honestly, my recovery wasn't that bad (friends who have had tearing from natural births seemed to suffer far more than I did!). How exciting! You are gonna have your bubba in your arms tomorrow!!

    Nic - I don't think it's weird to be terrified of having a VBAC at all! I know a friend of mine that was scared about it after her first bub was a c-section. She reckons that half the trouble was that she was holding back because she was scared about tearing her scar. She then went on to have another baby naturally with no probs. I guess having a VBAC would almost be like doing it all for the first time because you haven't done it before iykwim? Still, I don't think I am brave enough to bother, LOL.

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    *Megan* Guest

    Thanks girls - I appreciate your support!

    Talk to you all soon


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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Good luck for tomorrow Megan

    Debbie - My second c/section would have been an elective one and if i go on to have another baby i would have another c/section.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Megan - hope all goes really smoothly for you tomorrow and you're up and about really soon

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    Melinda Guest

    Good luck Megan! I can't wait to hear the good news!!

    Deb - I will be having a caesarean next time around. The OB said to me at my 6w post-natal check-up that whilst I could try for a VBAC he couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't wind up having another emergency caesarean, as there were some suspect things about my labour that indicated Jacob was not going to get out that way.......and on top of all that, I know that emotionally speaking, I could not handle that eventuality all over again. I didn't cope at all well having laboured for so long to start with.....I felt like I had given birth twice. I felt traumatised and rotten, physically and emotionally. So to ensure my own mental health, and on the advice of the OB, I will have an elective caesarean next time.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Good luck Megan, sending you heaps of easy recovery vibes

    Same here! There is no way that I'll go through all the crap I did & risk the same things happening again. Tootie the midwife that was with me for most of my labour said to me the next day that because of all the contractions & internals i& everything elese, it was as if I had give birth twice, so I can totally understand where you're coming from there.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Thinking of you Megan! Lots of recovery vibes coming your way!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Good luck Megan, we all know what you are going through, I am on another csec support site, who dont call them vbacs, or elective csecs, but rather EBAC's ( Empowered Birth AFter Csec) as most of us have emergency csecs and if you know what your doing, you next birth can turn out to be a positive experience, whether the bubs comes out the door, or window!!!!
    You know like, who's in the room, skin to skin contact, with you or DH after theres a lot of choices we dont realise we can make about a csec until you research it. Good luck to all for having the birth of your choice.

    I personally am trying for a vbac, but unlike most people, have givin birth vaginally prior to my csec, so am not fearful of the event!!! Dr's and all are confident in my ability to give birth in this way. So fingers crossed !!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    One thing I want to make sure of if I have another c-section is that I want skin to skin contact much sooner than what I got this time around! I wasn't even allowed to look at her feet! Grrrrr. I will bloody-well look at my baby's feet if I damn well want to! Also, I want her brought in to me during the first night to establish bfing. Gabby was taken to special care but that was only because they didn't have enough staff to be able to help me out on the ward. That ain't my problem! Unless it is going to affect the baby's health, I want bubs with me at all times and if there's not enough staff to help me sit up and feed the baby on the first night, then they bloody well have to let Neil stay with me so he can help me. I am not going to allow them to stuff around with my milk supply again! Looking back, I get so mad when one of the midwives said to me "Feeding your baby is more important than visitors" when she kicked my visitors out to milk me like a cow. There's only 4 hours of the day for visiting! Why couldn't they have tried to milk me before or after?? Grrr... the more I think about it all, the angrier I get! Esp. since it wasn't my fault that my milk was having trouble coming in. Look out Geelong hospital when I have my next baby!! LOL

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    Add Rouge on Facebook

    Jun 2003

    Ugh Deb ISKEWYM!!!! I want the same thing, if I don't succeed with a VBAC and need another CS I want to be sure the hospital I choose has a great C/S policy. My gf went to a hospital that allowed cuddles straight away, and BF'ing in recovery! Marc wasn't even allowed in recovery let alone Paris. I got to touch her and then she was whisked away. I think the biggest problem with MW'ing staff issues is that because they change over so often they aren't aware of how you are going, and don't have time to get to know your life story iykwim. I found the night staff to be atrocious other than one midwife in partcular who was a gem! She told me to tell the rest of them to nick off if they bugged me, she said I had everything under control and to not let them tell me otherwise, she also said that they all treat first timers like this and to take it with a grain of salt. She was great but 1 out of 10 mw's its hard to stay positive iykwim.

    But it all makes us wiser right? I just wish I had been told all this before hand Hindsight's great isn't it LOL!

    And just so you know, it does get easier to deal with. I remember for the first 2 yrs just thinking about it I would end up a blubbering mess, but now I fine. And I know that due to information and my efforts to make my own choices will help me to make my next labour/birth experience an empowering one!

    Take care sweets!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    You are so right, Cailin. Hindsight is a valuable thing, hey?
    One thing I will give Geelong is that both Neil and Gabby were with me in recovery. That's when Gabby got her whole 15 minute breast feed before she was taken away from me I was asked if I wanted to hold her while they wheeled me to the ward but I said no because I was scared of dropping her, LOL. Next time they will have to pry the baby off me!!
    Sounds like you have a very clear and concise idea of how you would like your next labour approached (which hopefully will be very soon!!) which is great.
    Maybe this is why the eldest of the family is always so highly-strung. We are merely test-dummies, LOL.

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    Pietta Guest

    I am terrified of giving birth either way now. I had such a traumatic experience that maybe i dont want anymore... But i do want two children. I tell you what, all this stuff us women have to go through is tough.

    I will prob try for a VBAC next time but am pretty sure I will end up with a c-s.

    I know exactly what you mean Deb. My doctors were great but the nurses left alot to be desired. Thats why I cant wait to be private next time.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Pee, same here. I was hoping that the fear would get less as time goes on. Aaah well, nothing better than facing your fears to get rid of them!!

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