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Thread: Can you ask for a c-section????

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    mizzsocial Guest

    Default Can you ask for a c-section????

    A girl i know, told me yesterday that she asked for a c-section and they gave it to her.. she went through public health system too!!??

    I kinda thought she was lying.. is that possible to just ask for a c-section?

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    I suppose you could, but it would depend on the Doctor and what their opinion was. When you go public in a big hospital it is luck of the draw as to what doctor you will get. Did she have it booked before she was due or did she ask while in labour?

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    You might like to read this thread: [url][/url] - this question was asked a couple of days ago. Some Obs will do it and some wont, depends what their philosophy is I guess!

    Do you have any specific motivations for this? Is it fear? I am not judging at all, some things though can be overcome with the right people around you and the right materials to read
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    Hi - When pregnant with Alex, I saw my regular doctor and he referred me to an OB for a caeser when I said that I wanted one. I had one appointment with the OB (six week wait for an appointment) and he said either he or his partner would do the operation in a public hospital.

    I had a follow up visit four weeks later, and they were the only bills I had. I thought I would get a bill from the spinal tap woman (I can't spel anethitiststst), but I didn't.

    My regular doctor said it was up to me what I wanted to do about the birth, he said I had a good chance of having a regular one after an emergency CS for the first one. I had no medical reason for the second one, 100% my choice.


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    Colleen Guest


    I chose to have my c section. So perhaps she wasnt lying.

    It was my first child.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Thanks for the replies ladies.. prephaps she wasnt lying..

    She asked for the c-section while pregnant.

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