thread: Do you have a lump on your CS scar?

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    Jun 2011

    Do you have a lump on your CS scar?

    I am 7weeks post unplanned CS and on one end of the scar at the top there is a hard lump. I don't really remember feeling this lump earlier, although I had never really been game to push on the scar until now.

    The lump is slightly tender and I've been getting some aches and pains in the scar as well.

    So does anyone have a lump on their scar? Is it scar tissue?

    Note :I did have nasty infection that had me back in hospital and on IV antibiotics and then 2 courses of tabs - I was given the all clear at week 5.

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    Mar 2006

    I had one at that stage too. It is most likely what is called a hematoma. Try popping a heat pack on it and a gentle massage.

    Is the area hot or angry looking? Is it painful? Do you have a fever?

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    Jun 2011

    I shall try the heat pack thank you.

    Nope the area isn't red and I don't have a fever.

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    Could it be one end of a continuous suture?
    I remember having a small lump at one end with one of my earlier sections.

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    Sep 2009

    i had my c-sect feb 2011, and i just checked my scar and no bump. But i do remember having a little bump at one end of the scar, i just figured it was either where they cut it or cut out iykwim. Must have gone away.

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    Aug 2006
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    I had quite a large one at the end of my c/s scar. Doctor told me it was a granuloma which is just a fancy word for tissue that is growing back, very common with scars. But if you're noticing heat, increasing pain or feeling unwell get it checked out.

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    One my first scar i did for a while but not with the boys

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    Yep. A little lump at one end and my cs scar is 3.5 years old now.

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    Jun 2011

    I just checked and it's gotten smaller. Hhhmmm odd. Feeling fine though.

    Thank you for your replies

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    Jul 2008

    Can also be an ingrown hair!!! That's what I had right on my scar line - hurt like hell too!!!