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    After the week i've had (check out my pregnancy journal in pg buddies for full story) and the fact that my back pain is getting worse, i've been to my dr and spoken about whats coming. the inflammation in the muscles in my spine is easily treated, but not while im pg. As i get bigger, my back is going to get worse, until im bedridden, as the pain to hold my big belly up while im walking will be to much to bear (especially since the strongest pain killer im allowed is p-forte!) So i asked about labour. I have a retroverted (backwards) uterus, and my babies always lie posterier, so i always have my contractions through my back, which was pretty painful in itself. But the dr has informed me that the stress on my back during a natural labour will make the pain even worse, and may interfere with my capacity to push, meaning that i will either end up in assisted delivery or emergency c/s. he said that i may want to think about an elective c/s to avoid all the unecessary pain involved with trying naturally. Im abit heartbroken, as this being my last child i wanted to go naturally and have the wonderful birthing experience we all dream of, but in the end i guess all that matters is that my little princess comes out safe and sound. And considering how much pain im in now, being only 18w (i cant walk for very long, im in constant pain, and also dealing with constipation from panadol) Im very seriously considering it. Please, anyone help!!

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    Oh, Simone ... you must be feeling miserable.

    Are you asking for advice as to whether there is any way to avoid a c/sec in your situation? If so, perhaps some of our experienced birth attendants or midwives may have some insight for you.

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    You poor love, that sounds excruciating. Acupuncture is perfectly safe in pregnancy and very effective on back injuries of all kinds. You can also see an osteopath for very gentle treatments which, like the acupuncture, aid your birthing potential not detract from it. I strongly recommend that you seek many other opinions because surgeons, perhaps not surprisingly, have a tendency to recommend surgery way more often than is necessary. There is no way anyone can know at this stage in your pregnancy how you will be at term, especially if you address your issues through other modalities and reduce or clear them. If you have a back problem, a big slice through the muscles which help support your back, as well as the massive risks associated with ALL c-secs not only emergency ones, won't improve your capacity to have a healthy back at all. Sounds like your issues need much more holistic treatment than a surgeon can provide.

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