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Thread: Elective C Section Advice

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    Mrs S, have you had a hospital tour/visit and been given any info on what they suggest you take along?
    With DD we went public, and all we had to take was baby wipes and disposible nappies if we didn't want to use the cloth ones they supplied.

    Have you asked what the hospital's policy is on the care of bub? Do they expect you to look after bub after the c/s? Our OB told us last week that for the first night of my c/s we can leave bub with the midwives in the nursery (plus every other night if we want to as well) With DD and going public, even after my c/s, I was still expected to have her room in with me, it was only because the midwives felt sorry for me that they took her.

    I can't remember having trouble with my bra? Thought my c/s was 8 years ago now! I do remember having more trouble with my knickers though, trying to reach down to put your legs through, and then pulling them up was a nightmare for me. Like Nadine said, just go slowly. I sat on the loo to put my knickers on as well. Didn't have to bed so far down that way

    A pillow over your scar/incision while coughing is helpful too. Will probably make you feel more secure than anything else, which is what it did for me.

    Are you going to the same hospital as when you had your son? Have you spoken to them about what kind of care you will get from them after your c/s? How early will they expect you to get out of bed? Do they expect bub to room in with you or will they take bub for a night? Hopefully you will have a wonderful midwife or two looking after you this time.

    Have you had a read through the rest of the c/s forum? I know there was a thread on here about helpful c/s tips.


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    Just a reminder (after the great tip about the pillow when you cough) ...

    Whatever you do .... DON'T SNEEZE!!!!!!!!!

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    OOh yeah, sneezing is something to avoid, but if you have to then hold those pillows tight accross your belly.... But seriously, its not that bad.. I was off pain killers by the time I got home. Bra? I think I wore a bra......LOL its all a bit fuzzy now...

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    I had an emergency c/s after not progressing. I was scared because I knew some of the possible side affects of an epi but definitely didn't want a general anesthitic. I remember asking the anethetist (sp?) if he had good aim which he assured me he did.
    Wednesday description is pretty accurate but I did want to add:
    when they had me in the prep room I was me sitting on a bed, they gave me a pillow which I had to cuddle & put my chin to my chest so I was curled around the pillow. When they told me they had put the needle in I lifted my head up as I thought they were all done but I wasn't suppose to then & I think that may have been a reason I ended up with a headache for a week or two. So remember to do what they tell you when they tell you.
    In terms of painkillers I am not normally someone who takes anything but as everyone kept reminding me it is major abdominal surgery & they have cut through several layers of skin/muscels etc.., as my doctor explained to me, it is better to stay ahead of the surgery pain as it allows me to be more relaxed (as much as you can be anyway) & you heal faster.
    My DS escaped via the emergency exit @ 9.31 pm on a Tues night & they would have given me some pain relief then, I was given a pethadine shot about 4 am, I think mainly because I hadn't been given anything else since the surgery. After that I only had ponstan & panadol (occasionally panedine forte instead of the panadol). On the first day I did make the mistake of not keeping track of when I should get the painkillers & because all the beds were full the midwives were flat out & didn't give them to me ontime the first day & I paid for it but I made sure that I got them on time after that. I took a panadol when I went home for the headache as mentioned above & it took care of it.
    I was up walking the next day. It did take a while for my milk to come in (a possible side affect of the pethadine) but I was able to leave the hospital by day 5 & my DS has almost doubled his birthweight already so no lasting consequences.

    My tips for both myboysmumma & mrs S
    No matter how busy the maternity section is for your baby's sake, if you need help helping with the baby so you can feed/change or painkillers) ask for it, it is their job afterall to help you. Grannies undies are great - they miss the scar completely. I had my own toilet & shower so found the toilet great to sit on to put undies/pants etc... on. My DP helped a lot with clothes the first day so I was lucky there as well. As painful as it is try to get moving as soon as you can it will make recovery overall better. Oh & besides no sneezing try not to laugh without holding your belly at least - I have a wierd sense of humour & thought my DS look a lot like ET when he would frown as a baby cause of all the wrinkles & I couldn't help but crack up

    Overall for someone like me who is from a large family where there has been lot's of babies born mostly by vag & the general consensus being no-one wants or should have a c/s I have to say for me that given the right circumstances I would do it again (& yes if I do go back I am hoping for a VBAC) & only you can decide which is the best option for you. Yes there was pain but there is pain with a vag birth, yes it is a hassel not being able to do much in the first 6 weeks but I found a long pair of tongs invaluable for picking up things so I didn't have to bend over so much. There are always ways around things & where theres a will theres a way.

    Goodluck ladies I look forward to hearing how you go !! & I'm sure you will be fine.

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