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Thread: emergency c/section vs "elective" c/section

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    Default emergency c/section vs "elective" c/section

    From what I've read/noticed it seems that numerous people who have had difficulty with recovering from c/sect seem to be those that have been emerg that have been preceded by x hours of "labouring" before. Those that I have read that have had an "elective" seem to have recovered much faster. Just wondering whether any actual factual info exists on this.

    I myself had an "elective" (not out of convienence) and was up and about and pretty much ok within 24hrs (need some painkillers for a couple of days but that was it) and seemed a lot better off than even many of those who had experienced "normal" labour.

    I'm in no way suggesting elective c/sect is the way to go - I would like to go for a natural birth this time round if it's a possibility - but was just interested if there was any correlation between recovery and the circumstances surrounding the c/section eg without any labour etc.

    Apologies if this seems a silly question

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    I think that with the emergency c-section you get a double whammy. Labour, which can be really exhausting and painfull (especially if it ends up in an emergency c-section) and major abdominal surgery. If you get an emergeny c-section its likely that you might have been labouring for a long time and you have to recover from the labour and the operation.

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    Most of the recovery probs from an emerg csec after labour are emotional and mental ones, you dont trust your body anymore as it "failed" you IYKWIM, the elective csec are prepared for an operation, not just a birth. Its better for the bub and for BF if you can manage to labour for some time before a csec. as the body produces hormones during labour to help drain bubs lungs and to stimulate milk production.

    I have had #3 via emerg csec and its devestating to start in labour and end in an operation. The other 3 I had vaginally. much more powerful to end in a birth, the op I felt helpless, and no control over the situation, just wisked away and butchered. What Ive heard with the elective csec most woman battle these emotions before they go in, and are mentally prepared to meet their baby in a operating room, and know whats going to happen, so face their "demons" before the day, Does that make sense?? Anyway this is my experience and what Ive seen. HTH

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    I felt exhausted - emotionally and physically - after Jacob's birth. There was a long labour and then the emergency c/s. I felt like I had given birth twice.

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    I had an emergency c-section with my first child, but it was an emergency because he was premmie & had stopped moving lots in the womb. So no real labour proceeding it to wear me out. But that said when they delivered him they said I was over 5cm dilated!!

    I was up & about approx 18hrs after he was born, first day in a wheelchair, 2nd day walking to the NICU by myself.

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    I have to say that I recovered a lot quicker from my emergency c-section than I did from my elective one. Different hospital, different doctors, I was 7 yrs older as well and because it was a repeat they cut out all the old scar tissue before I was stitched up again. I think if I have another I will get them to do a proper tummy tuck LOL!


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    Hi - I had an emergency CS the first time and an elective one the second.

    The day after the elective one I thought I'd never be normal again and wondered why I'd chosen to have Alex that way.

    You hear about women having natural births and going home later that day, I would much rather have done that, but my first labour/birth was a nightmare and I was scared to go through that again.

    I probably got over both of them around the same, I think the elective just seemed worse as I knew what was going on the whole time before, during and after.

    When there is no medical reason for an elective, you wonder if you're doing the right thing - I'll never know if my second would have come on his own accord or if he would have been two weeks late and not responding to the gel, drip, ARM etc ...

    So for me - no real difference.


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    I had an elective c-sect for medical reasons.
    I was up and walking the next day and was fully functioning by day 3.
    I've never had an emergency c-sect but found mine to be stress free with little complications.

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    My midwife told me it was if I had had twins - one naturally one c/s - when I had only had 1 baby. My recovery was about a week before I started feeling normal & moving ok again. I was in labour for 36hrs and at stage 2 for a little over 5hrs (that we know of) and then was whisked off for an emergency c/s.

    It was referred to as running a marathon, having major surgery and then being expected to be happy & smiling the next day!!

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