thread: Gas during caesarean?????

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    Unhappy Gas during caesarean?????

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you have had gas during a c/s?

    I had an medically necessary c/s with Eithan and it really hurt. I was in a semi-state of hidden panic while they were putting in the spinal and although I didnt feel everything, I felt pin*****s while they were cutting and awful pain while they tried to get him out and then afterwards while they were still in me. It wasnt until she was sewing that I calmed down. Eithan meanwhile was screaming poor thing. Just thinking about it all makes me cry as it was such a horrible experience. I felt at the time that I just wished he would shut-up as I couldnt bear anything that was going on around me. Knowing that I thought that makes me feel extremely awful as I loved him to bits and was so happy to finally have him.

    I will be having at least another baby and will have to have another c/s. I dont want to have a general just so that I dont have to have the same experience. So just wondering if anyone has had gas while having their c/s as I will definantly be asking for it next time around.

    I did ask for it while having my spinal but was told that the numbing cream should be enough, mind you this was in a pre-aneasthetic appointment.

    I am just soooooo scared.


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    sorry Helen I have no idea if they would let you use gas during a c but I would hope that you wouldn't need it!! it sounds scary that you may have felt part of the op?? did you tell them during the procedure??
    I had a general with my first and a spinal block with my second, the trauma of trying to get an epi needle in during labour was awful and it did hurt concidering they tried 7 times and failed, so I had a general. But when I had my second I chose a spinal block which they do on the table, I was so scared it was going to be the same as last time, I clenched my fists and screwed up my face waiting for the dr to put it in, he said ok turn over now, I was stunned it was IN!! I was numb for the op and didn't feel any pain.
    I would talk to your dr and the aneathatist about what hapend when you had Eithan and see what they advise.

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    Thanks Tiff, I think I will definantly be talking about it heaps to the aneasthetist next time around. I did let them know at the time that it was hurting and the anaesthetist just gave me a there, there tap on my shoulder. I really wanted to see him coming out and was offered to but was in just so much incomfortable pain that I couldnt bear to look.

    I vomited heaps too, but that is normal isnt it?

    All that said my OB was suprised to hear all of this at my 6week chk-up do maybe she will help me out 2nd time around.

    I think I will still ask for gas though, but gosh I dont know I dont want to be out of it either.


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    Hi Helen,
    I am not sure about c/sections but did have the gas for my vaginal birth as DS was in a posterior position. IMO It doesn't seem to help with the actual pain but does help your mind drift away a bit (the kind of feeling like if you get up too fast and your head goes a bit funny). The thing I found though is it gave everything a bit of a nightmarish quality and I am not sure if I could cope with that for a c/section.
    I hope your OB can help so this time around doesnt hurt as much.

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    Hi Krysalyss, I have had gas before. I had that as well as an epidural when I had Bella. The epidural did not really take away the pain and I didnt want it upped as I wanted to be able to be able to push her out. As it was she come out head sideways and facing up not down. It caused quite a bit of damage, that is why I cant have another VB as there is a 60% chance of permanent bowel damage.
    I am sorry it was a nightmarish thing for you, but yes I agree, doesnt stop the pain but distracts you from it.

    I hope my OB can help me next time around aswell.


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    Hi Helen,

    I had an emergency C-Sect and the epidural was inserted whilst I was in labour (before they made the decision to do a section was made). At the time we didn't know that I had calcified ligaments in my back - which he kept hitting and it hurt more than the contractions!!! The anethetist actually ordered the nurse to GIVE me the gas!!!
    Talk to the anethetist next time around and explain your concerns - I'm sure it will be fine.



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    Helen, I was very anxious going into my elective CS (due to previous traumatic birth experience) and talked at length with the aneasthetist at the pre-surgical appt. They bumped me to the top of the list that day (so I wouldn't have to wait in a nervous lather for too long) and were very calm and reassuring going into theatre. They did say if it was going to be a problem they can give you a mild sedative "happy drug" prior to going into theatre to calm you, but it can make you sleepier during and after the CS.

    The other thing they talked about was that there is a fine line with spinals between not enough drug administered and too much administered. Perhaps you could get a copy of your medical records and take that to the anaesthetist so they know what didn't work last time and can look after you better next time. I was lucky as I had a very good block and hardly felt a thing at all. If they know there has been a problem in the past they will especially careful to get it right for you next time.

    Hope you find some of this reassuring, it sounds like it was just awful for you but it need not be like this next time.

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    I had a peth shot prior to both c-sections as I presented in labour 2 days before the c-section date, I didn't feel a thing. I would recommend having a thorough conversation with your ob and the anaesthatist this time around. Also is there anyway of obtaining the medication list/details from Eithan's birth so that next time around they know what not to do, and how to make it a much better experience for you.
    Best of luck

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