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    I was 10 days overdue with my son and had to be induced, after 7 hours of contractions i had to have an emergency c-section because he went into distress, my b/f and i are know considering trying for uor second and i dont want another c-section so i'm trying to get as much info as i can on VBAC's so i dont have to go through that again.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    I am with you on this one! Hopefully we get some more VBAC vets in here I would definitley recommend looking at having tours with local hospitals even talking to OB's in your area to see which hospital/OB will be best suited to having a VBAC. This is something my local GP recommended to me recently, as often places are limited when you do become pregnant, and its always good to know what to expect from each place.


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    VBAC - Stay positive & Mentally Reherse the Birth!

    I am in Australia and had a Emergency C-section after my first child. We had a 26hr labour but at 10pounds 2ounces his head was just too big!
    During my 2nd pregnancy I was very focused on a natural birth.. 8-[ I felt robbed from the first time and I insisted that I should be given the opportunity. People did not give me much support and said "so long as your baby is healthy, thats the main thing...." I knew that - but I wanted to birth my own baby!!! Anyway to cut a long story short I mental prepared myself for 4 different scenarios... going from best to worse case. However I constantly visualised being in the labour room actually giving birth. I gave my birth plans (all 4!) to my support people and gave up control to the process. My point is - don't be told you can't! Believe in your own ability to birth your baby, okay yourself for a c-sec so if it happens you cope knowing you gave yourself every opportunity. :luck:

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    Thank you for that Helen, i have been doing alot of research into vbacs and i even went as far as to order my medical records from my previous pregnancy and birth to see what i could of done to avoid the c-section so hopefully i will recieve them soon.
    Congratulations on your vbac and hopefully next time i will be able to tell you all that i did it!
    Take care
    (ps i was babbakins, but changed my user name)