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Thread: Question to those who have had an elective c/s

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    Default Question to those who have had an elective c/s

    :-k Just wondering if when you have an elective c/s, can you have gas to calm you while they give you the spinal block, and can you wait until after it is in before they put in the catheter?

    I am extremely nervous as I have to have a c/s due to problems caused by first baby. I was in labour when I had an epidural(which I had always said I would never have as it is put in your back) and really didnt care or feel any pain. When I have an elective I am presuming I wont have gone into labour and will therefore be really nervous.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, but dont feel the need to rush with answers I'm not due until aug.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Helen

    Yes you can have gas if you want but it is not normally done so you would have to ask for it.

    With a spinal they first inject a local into your skin where they are going to put the spinal in. The drug they use does sting for a few seconds but then all you can feel is a bit of pressure when they put the spinal needle in. Sometimes you may get pins and needles in your legs when the spinal needle goes in.

    Hope this answers your question

    If you need any more info just let me know

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    Thanks Alan. It does help, but I'm still nervous.


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    Helen - I was nervous too, and just did some "self-talking". I'm not sure re the gas, but be mindful of being "with it" when bubs is born. I was concentrating on the "ice test" - when determining the effectiveness of the epidural before being pushed into the theatre. Then once in theatre I concentrated on all of the activity, nurses etc. I was asked if I wanted to see her born but I didn't want to see that just in case she didn't breathe straight away. It is an amazing thing to be conscious during surgery, it's quite natural to be nervous.

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    Helen - not to take away from your concerns at all but on a lighter note - I was more worried about how I was going to balance on this tiny operating table (tiny when your 9mths pregnant anyway) with my legs curled up in the fetal position as tight as I could so they could get the right angle than the pain of the epidural going in- and in the end I didn't feel any pain from it - and managed to stay on the table no problems.

    Agree with Magic - it is the strangest sensation being aware - I even had a funny assistant surgeon who thought he should crack jokes and when they were pulling DS out asked if I could push to give them a hand (he did have a big head - 40cm)

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