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Thread: what to do the day before scheduled C/S

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    Default what to do the day before scheduled C/S

    HI there,

    Just wondering what people do the day before a c/section - I have booked into get my hair done. I was thinking i might just have a me day and make sure everything is set up easy for when i get home from hospital

    What did you do?


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    lindie Guest


    Heh Jacci,

    Im going to spend the day with DH with kiddies having there last day at school before having a week off, make sure everything is packed we are going to go to our local RSL for lunch (best food in our area) just so im out of the house for a little of the day. Im having my hair done earlier in the week. But in general enjoy the day with DH before we become a family of 5 which I guess is kinda special in one way or another. But still just going to keep my mind off it a little as I dont want to exhaust myself too much.

    4 weeks till C/S

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    Jacci, I had an apointment to get my nails done, and DH and I were planning on going out for dinner........until bub decided to come 3 days before my scheduled C/S LOL

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    I was quite rushed the day before my due c/s as my FIL passed away 3 days before I got to see my OB, I saw my OB about 10am he then ordered a c/s for the next day and wanted my BT`s before hand. As my FIL passed away suddenly on the Friday we had MIL and Mark`s two boys with us (OB`s appt was a Monday) so after the appointment we rang everyone on the mobile to let them know what was happening, went and got my BT`s - pathology happened to be closed for lunch - so we had lunch went back to pathology - took the boys back to their home (they live with their Mum) then took MIL back home, she lives 1.5 hours away, by the time Mark and I got back to our place it was 9.30pm, it wasn`t until 5pm we were told our c/s would be 5pm the next day so thank goodness I had the next morning to organise everything, it all went so quickly.

    Hopefully you will not be as hectic as I was the day before.

    Take Care


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    I had a lovely day.
    I booked into have a manicue and pedicure. Did lunch with my girlfriends that ended up into coffee and cake late afternoon. Picked up last minute things (magazines and and came home too tired to worry about the next day.
    You can tell I had GD and needed a fix!!

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    These are great suggestions girls! (except for poor old Dee, that must have been awful)

    Since DP is feeling a little sorry for me 'cause he knows I would have preferred a vaginal birth, I'm thinking it's the perfect time to hit him up to get my hair done and now I'll book in for a massage as well, I think. I'm also booking in to get a wax, but I might get that a few days earlier just in case. Don't want to end up having to be shaved, itchy ingrown hairs is all I need!

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