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Thread: What do you think about a Caesarean Birth Support Person/Attendant

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    sacha88 Guest


    I am a student midwife and was lucky enough to be present in a c-section just last week with one of my follow through women. it was a wonderful experience to be there with the mum and dad and give them my full support, whilst watching the birth of their beautiful baby. Once more, it was great to offer the extra support when in recovery, when the dad and baby were already upstairs in their room - just to be there for the mother who was feeling a bit anxious and wanting to see her bub's. I think another support person in theatre should be allowed more often!!!

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    lila Guest


    I honestly think a mother having to go through a c/s i more than entiteled to have the support she needs/ wants.
    I am all FOR c/s doulas!!! (thats why i will specialize in this area, once i have finished my certification )

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