thread: What Week to they do an Elective C??

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    What Week to they do an Elective C??

    Hi Guys,

    I am having a comlete mind blank. I have previously had 2 c's. My DD was emergency C and my DS was elective. I cannot remember what week they take you when you are having an elective C.

    When I had my DS "MY" calculated due date for him was 09/03 but as usual the hospital comes up with some other date which is about a week for so after.

    So when they booked me in for my EC with my DS it happened to be on the date that "I" had calculated his due date 09/03. Hence the mind blank.

    If my due date for my next baby was 11 January 2010 (40 weeks) - when would I have my elective caesarean???

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    At our hospital you would be booked for a C/S at 39weeks. That might be a few days either side depending on numbers (like how many people are already booked in and who is the biggest priority for the dates available). If you were to go into labour earlier then your booked date at the hospital I work at you would then go off for a semi-emergency C/S. Also if you are having a multiple birth the C/S is booked earlier. Usually around 37-38weeks again if you don't have need to deliver earlier like spontaneous labour for example. Usually the date for the C/S isn't given out until the last few weeks.

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    generally 39 weeks so around 4th of January. as long as no medical reason to birth baby earlier.

    Congratulations by the way and good luck

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    With my csection with DS I was 39 + 1 weeks.

    With DD I was 42 weeks (not totally elective but they still classed it as that)

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    Thanks so much guys.

    If all goes well I will be having this new addition in the first week of January. There are just so many people in december -especially the last week - that are family - and complete knobs 0- I don't think I could stomach having bub in that week.

    First week of january is great.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

    You can check out my blog to see why.

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    I`m having my bub spot on at 39 weeks on 17th June.

    Good luck with your upcoming c/sec.

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    Sorry to hijack the link here, but does anyone know what the latest is that you have to book in for a elective c-sec?

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    My elective c/s was booked about 3 months prior. It was at a very busy public hospital.

    My DS was born c/s at 37 weeks due to transverse lie

    My DD was born c/s at 38 weeks (elective)

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    My c/s wasn't booked in until a week or so before. I had placenta praevia and had an u/s at 37 weeks to determine if it had been resolved or not. So when I went to see my ob the following week with the results I was almost 38 weeks already, before I had the c/s booked in for the following week, at a day shy of 39 weeks.

    It was a private hospital, I was booked in to go there from 20 weeks.