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Thread: While doing a c-section

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    Default While doing a c-section

    I have been asked on 3 occasions that while they are doing the c-section do i want my tubes done so we don't have anymore kids. Each time they have looked at me as if to say we really think you should and even a midwife said the same not just Dr's.

    I thought it was okay to have more than 3 c-sections and felt very upset by being asked this. I never really thought about having my tubes done as we always wanted 4 kids but not so sure after all the dramas we have been through with this one but still wanted my options left open. Plus why can't DH be done it always seems to be us that goes through everything.

    I know they are thinking of my medical history with PE but I'm still doing okay and bubs is still cooking nicely.

    I just feel so angry over it all.

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    I think that every woman's situation is unique when it comes to caesarians. (as with pretty much everything else!) But I can tell you that my mother has eight children and we have all been delivered by caesarian. Apparently Ethel Kennedy (US president's wife, back in the 60's, I think) had 11 kids by caesarian. So don't let the dr or midwife tell you that more caesarians is never a good idea. It totally depends on your own body! It might be absolutely fine in your case, and it might be an increased risk. Inform yourself on the pro's and con's, and risk factors, and speak to other dr's and midwives, and make your decision, with your DH.
    All the best with this pregnancy and delivery!

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    That is bloody rude and none of their business! I would make a complaint to the hospital maternity manager and cc health minister bronwyn pike - even if you dont actually do it, they will get scared [email protected]!

    Dont let them upset you, you are there for childbirth nothing else. If they want to discuss future risks with you they can do it later!!! (at least record on your notes that you said NO three times!)
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    I was going to say the same thing........totally none of their business and how dare they try to bully you into it!! Grrrrr....

    My younger sister has had 3 c/s's and did want her tubes tied but changed her mind and the docs were totally supportive of her. They had no problem with her having another c/s if she decided to have another bub!

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    I know someone who had 7 c/s, and 7 great kids!

    No one has the right to pressure you into anything Michelle.

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    Not to mention the fact that its not something you can decide on now. Have they heard of pregnancy hormones perhaps affecting your decision making ability at the moment?
    I'm not 100% sure, but I reckon the hormonal follow on effects from something like this mean its not a simple straight forward decision that need sto be made now.
    In saying this, Shane's XW had her tubes tied with the birth of her third child (her first c/s) but that was because she was then considered high risk for pregnancy and they didn't want her to get pregnant ever again for health reasons. Lucky for me as it was going to be Shane that got done, and then there would be no kids in my life

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    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I think they was asking because i would be opened up already to get baby out why not do it at the same time. But at the moment it's the last thing on my mind.

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