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Thread: worse thing i have ever had!!

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    Unhappy worse thing i have ever had!!

    I had a caesarean at 30 weeks due to premature labor and having twins..
    it wa sthe biggest mistake of my life as i got quite ill afterwards..
    I had a spinal block and 2 days later a severe headache started ,i couldnt get upto the NICU to see my sons for days and when i did walk i was light headed and off balance..i also had bluring vision in my left eye..
    I had these problems up until now 8 years later..i got told by the doctor who did my spinal block that if they did a blood patch when i had the bad headache the dizziness and off balance may had not happened..
    I missed out taking my babies out for a walk in the pram and taking them to doctor visits and doing normal mummy things,instead i was practically bed ridden for 5 years and watched as everyone else did things with my babies that i wanted to.
    I regret having very careful

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    I'm sorry you've been through so much we also have a birth debriefing section on these forums, which some people find very helpful in processing difficult experiences, or ones which didn't meet their expectations. It's here, if you want to check it out.

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