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Thread: 7-8 seater car recommendations please!

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    Default 7-8 seater car recommendations please!

    Unfortunately last week two of the kids and I were involved in an accident. We all walked away relatively unscathed even though it was a pretty serious crash but our poor Tarago is a write off. Im so angry a) because the other driver was at fault due to blatant stupidity but tried to place blame on me, if he wasnt driving stupidly we wouldnt be in this position and b) Dh and I always end up fighting like crazy until we pick a car so I hate hate hate car shopping.

    We have slim pickings for used cars up here in Townsville and we have a budget/cannot and will not buy brand new.

    So if you have a 7-8 seater:

    • What year and model is it and do you like it?
    • Does it fit 3 or more carseats? Anchor points in third row?
    • Could it fit 6 adults comfortably, esp on long drives?
    • We move around every 3 years or so, sometimes across several states so is it suitable for long haul driving? Is it roomy? Does it fit all the bits and peices that go with travelling?


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    We had to buy a new car recently and bought a 7 seater 07 Territory. It has plenty of room can fit 3 car seats across the middle seat and has anchor points in the 3rd row. Also, when the 3rd row is up you can still fit some luggage behind the seat. There is heaps of room and like you, we move every 3 yrs. So far we have found it great. Only downside is the petrol. It costs us around $90 to fill and does about 500-600kms round town. You may get more if you do less driving in suburbia. Overall though, that's the only downer we have found to this car. We paid $22000 for ours and it only had 77000kms on it. It was the best option for us in our price range. Only thing we wish was that we'd been able to afford a diesel territory. They however, are about $42000.

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    I can second what Melbournemumma says about the Territory - I think I've replied to enough threads about it now to show I'm a fan

    On the highway, we've gotten nearly 700kms before we had to fill up. Towing, we got to Adelaide from Melb, only having to fill up once and that was at the half way point. We then got another full day of driving around Adelaide before it needed fuel. So not too bad considering. It loves the freeway driving.

    Honestly? It wasn't the car I wanted. I went for it after we had to get rid of my much loved car and it seemed a good alternative. I'm now a big fan. Mine is an 04 model, just about to click over 200,000ks. It drives and parks like a car. It's broken down twice - once for a completely dead battery (it was the original battery, so got 8 years out of it) and the other was for some crummy fuel that the servo sold. There's been a couple of recalls on it, for the ball joints. Each time they've been replaced quickly and without fuss. We paid $17K for ours 2.5 years ago and it's been worth every cent.

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    We have a Toyota grand Kluger 2011 model and it seats 7. Should tick all those boxes and yes carseats in the final row.

    You should be able to find a used model only a few years old.

    We love our Kluger!

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    Sorry to hijack freya - but shanti how do you feel about the little seat in the second row? I'm a little unsure about it in terms of safety.

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    Kia grand carnival mine is an 07 model.
    I have 4 carseats in mine.anchor points in both rows
    Very comfy for adults too. We have only had 4 in but with the car seats too.
    Can take out and fold down all seats and use it as a van. Plus has a huge boot. Love taking it camping. I can even fit 4 bikes in it with tetris like skills lol. 2 adult 2 kids .
    Can't speak highly enough of it.

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    Chrylser Grand Voyagers are very comfy, the 2001 onwards models have 7 seats, 2nd and 3rd rows have anchor points (the earlier model have a restraint point bar which is a pain). They are not light on fuel though, similar to the Territory. I have driven in a few people movers and they are my favourite so far. Taragos are awful value and Commodores with extra seat are terrible in crashes so I wouldn't recommend them no matter the apparent value. KIA Carnivals are based on Chrysler Voyagers and some have 8 seats (unlike the Voyager.Grand voyager) but be aware that the pre-2004 Carnivals have terrible motors that need replacing frequently. there are rumours that the later models also have problematic engines but KIA is avoiding bad press by replacing them.. at any rate the newer engines will last longer. Oh the Chrysler Grand Voyager has a good boot too.

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    I agree about early carnivals pre 06 I have heard I think.
    All the mechanics I have spoken to have said now they are using different blocks and are much more reliable.
    Being a 2tonne v6 it's not hugely great on fuel though.
    But I'm happy with that if it means 8 seats and a huge boot.
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    Just out of curiosity what type of car are you looking at? I.e. Van, mini van, suv or 4wd?

    4wd (I know most about these)

    We have a 7 seater Nissan Patrol, which I love, but I know they are too big for some people.
    My parents have a Toyota Landcruiser 80 series which is also great. We fit 5 adults easily in my older model Patrol and the later models (GU from 2004) can have 4 baby seat bolts (2 in middle, 2 in third row) and fit 7 adults.
    The 80 series (from 1997) fits 7 adults and also have 4 baby seat bolts.
    There is also the Mitsubishi Pajero, but I think the leg room tends to be a bit small in the rear seats.

    I have friends who have the Ford territory and while the kids are young they are finding it great, but when putting adults in the rear seats the leg room was a bit cramped.
    I've also had people recommend the Nissan Pathfinder

    Mini Vans
    Several other friends of mine have recently bought mini vans.
    One bought a Mazda CX7, the other bought a Mitsubishi (can't remember the name) both have found these cars to be a great investment, but as they only have small kids in them I can't really say how you would go with adults.

    Mitsubishi Delicia- haven't driven one myself, but my brother (who is a mechanic) has and was looking at one for himself.
    Tarago- well you as you've had one I need not say more
    Nissan Nomad- not all that different to the Toyota Tarago

    With any people mover I would advise buying one with the diesel engine as not only is fuel cheaper but the diesel motor is made for taking more weight easily (motor tends to last longer with good care)

    Rough guide of prices- all depends where you are and how good condition the car is.

    Nissan Patrol GU diesel (get the 4.2 if you can, if not don't buy a 3lt that was made before 2004 as they have lots of issues) looking at anywhere between $15 - $20K for a good 2001-2004, or $20-$40K for more recent model

    Landcruiser 80 series (1995-1999) $8-$15K for a diesel (once again best motor is 4.2 diesel)
    Landcruiser 100series (2000- 2007) $20K+ diesel
    Landcruiser 200 series (2008- current) current model so $50K+

    Sorry but I don't really know the price ranges of the other cars. .
    You can look it up on "Red Book" (that's where the insurance brokers get their Market value quotes from)

    Also companies like RAA and NRMA also do car reviews, you can check their website or ring them to ask about what Make/Model would suit you best.

    As you can tell I'm a bit of a 4wd car nut.
    Best of luck with you car hunting!

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    we have a mitsubishi delica, we love it, 8 seats, well 7 and a sort of fold down 8th. it fits 3 car seats very easily, anchor points in 2nd and third row, would fit four car seats and still have room for four adults at the same time. 4 wheel drive and we use it to drive on the beach here. the boot isnt huge but if packed well fits ALL the stuff for a family to go camping for a week. so not bad. the seets fold flat which makes it good for moving etc and sleeping in i guess, you can literally walk arounf the whole car, which has been useful with a baby and toddler, i can sit in the front with DH and when the kids, who used to sit one on second row one in the back ( they are both in the back now) needed something i can walk through and sort them out. although we havnt ever tried it. ours has two sun roofs and electric curtains on the back windows....which were selling points for my husband. its a 1992. good luck.
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    I have a toyota Hiace (import) its a 8 seater but being they are generally older models that are imported my 2 middle seats on both rear rows are only lap belts.

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    Default Re: 7-8 seater car recommendations please!

    Have a captiva 7 2013 and love it. No anchors in rear row, but three in the middle.

    If you have car seats filling the middle it is hard to get into the rear - but for a young child it shouldn't be any issues to climb in boot way until carseats are no longer needed
    Adults can fit comfortably in the rear and it's a full seat for boosters

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    Default Re: 7-8 seater car recommendations please!

    We have a Nissan pathfinder. Love it

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