thread: Car that will fit 3 car seats across the back? (not an SUV)

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    Jan 2007

    Car that will fit 3 car seats across the back? (not an SUV)

    We would like to get a family car that will fit 3 seats across the back (either a sedan or wagon, but not an SUV).

    Any recommendations?

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    Aug 2008
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    We are looking at ford focus. A flat backseat helps. Somebody suggested Toyota camry aswell.
    Measure your car seats- then u can look online at car specs

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    While I think holden is the devil the commodores are pretty roomy in the back

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    Mar 2006

    I have a commodore wagon and it fits 3 car seats across the back seat (two are SnS maxi riders so not small by any means). The boot space is amazing as well!!

    Absolutely love my wagon

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    Jan 2008

    My parents have a focus and fit three across the back. But they are more slim line fit car seats not those roomy ones. And it gets hard when you have to use the seat belt with an older child

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    Jan 2006
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    We had a commodore wagon and absolutely loved it. We could fit 3 seats across the back no worries.

    Only had to upgrade as we had our 4th baby. But still miss my wagon.

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    Oct 2006

    Apart from commodore you should fit three in a falcon and maybe also in a camry/aurion?
    I've got a focus and I think you'd struggle unless like Tegam said you have slimline seats. My two kids are in maxi riders and no way I'd fit a third seat in.

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    Mar 2006

    We also have a ford sedan and can't fit three seats in and we have two hi-pods (the ones from target) and we can't get another seat in. Friends have a Ford wagon and they can just squeeze three in.

    You really need to take your seats and put them in the seat of whatever car you're looking at. I did that and found the carsales people more than happy to help me.

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    Apr 2008

    we have a commodore station wagon and it fits three car seats. We have a cage so we can fill the back up. DD1 has a seatbelt extender so she can clip her belt in more easily

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    Dec 2011
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    I have a Toyota camry conquest and could fit 3 seats across the back. Would be a bit squashy as DD's booster is on the larger side and DS's capsule also seems larger, but even with those 2 there is still enough room for someone to sit comfortably in the 3rd seat.

    Good luck with your car shopping

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    Nov 2007
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    Best to measure your car seats and you will be surprised what can fit 3 car seats.

    We have 3 Babylove Ezy Combo seats (does from 6mths to 7yrs) across the back seat of our VY Commodore Station Wagon with room on the edge of the seats so they are clear of the doors, and we also have 3 smaller car seats that do up to 4 yrs in the back seat of our 3dr Hyundai Getz

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    May 2008

    Car that will fit 3 car seats across the back? (not an SUV)

    We were in the same situation and trawled the car yards with our measuring
    We ended up with a ford falcon wagon. It was the biggest In the back out of everything we looked at and we looked at a lot of diff makes and models.
    We have two car seats one being a maxi rider and a capsule and they fit perfectly! We had a Holden sedan and no way they were all going to fit!!

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    Jan 2009

    I just traded my focus - tbh there is no way I would recommend it for 3 children. The boot is spacious, however I can't see it beingbig enough for all the stuff a family of 5 entails.

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    Jan 2007

    Thanks everybody We have two S&S maxi riders, which as others have said, are quite large. The 3rd seat is a S&S meridian. I'll measure them & start looking at car specs. Thanks for the suggestions - now I've got a place to start I like the idea of a wagon (we have a Jazz at the moment & I love the flexibility of a hatch).