thread: Mechanically minded people... steering rack boot repalcement...?

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    Question Mechanically minded people... steering rack boot repalcement...?

    Ack, so my steering rack boot has completely corroded through leaking oil everywhere (and causing lots of smoke as it burnt off ).

    I have established that I can get a part from Supercheap Auto I think (at least thats what the website is telling me)... just wondering what is this part I need to remove then replace the boot? A puller? Not wanting to look like a real idiot (and not wanting to buy something completely unnecessary) can someone tell me what is this tool, what does it look like (LOL), would I need to buy one, is it worth buying one, or should I just go get someone else to replace this part?

    (P.S. But *i* I actually mean Shel LOL!).

    Oh, yeah, its a 97 Ford Festiva... if that makes any difference... I know changing the oil filter is a ***** of a job (what was I thinking buying a FORD???!!!) they put it in the worst places so is this going to be just as frustrating?

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    well we are getting teh whole steering rack colum thing replaced and its costing us $450 to get someone to do it.

    you would prob need a ratched and a spring compressor and some other things to get the boot off then u will need the o rings and gaskets to replace once you remove them

    id say get a quote for someone to do it.
    price to tools etc and see which one will be easier

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    Is that the same as the boot seals? We needed to get ours done, and DH was going to do it, but in the end he just got the guys to change them when we got the car serviced, coz i think he decided that it was going to be a poo of a job to do himself. And he had previously rebuilt 2 different car engines, so he would have had half a clue what he was doing...

    I'm all for paying someone else to do these things if you don't have even half a clue. At least they know what they are doing, instead of you guessing and possibly making a bigger mess of it all...