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    Scooter or motorbike

    So... my 30th is coming up soon and I really want a scooter. We live about a 3km bike ride from the train station (catch the train to work daily) and I'd love to use a scooter instead of a bicycle. I get sick of being sweaty when I arrive at the train station and having to faff about getting destinky, changing clothes, etc etc. I hate having to ride through the bush to my place because we've had a lot of police action there. I hate having to use the bike lights because I just don't feel safe. We also have only one car and I want to leave that with DH (stay at home dad) because I can't imagine having a 3 year old and a newborn without the ability to quickly go to the doctors/chemist etc when needed... so I want him to have the car all day rather than sit at the train station. I also love my independence and to race up town on my own would be awesome .

    I don't want to pay for another car, it isn't just the outlay... the weekly expensive is huge and I'd rather spend my money on something else.

    So, I want a scooter. DH is being a bit of a @#$@ about it, but up yours DH.

    The only thing stopping me is safety, because dad reckons a motorbike would be safer. He is right, it might be, but... I never need to hit the highway, and I'm a fairly cautious person. It isn't like I am going to weave in and out of traffic. He would rather I use a motorbike but get safety training (even more money!). Motorbikes are more expensive to register, need a bike licence, etc etc.

    What would you do?

    I want a shiny red scooter!!!

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    Not really answering the motorbike vs scooter question, but why can't your DH drop you off at the station? I used to do it a fair bit when DD1 was 3 and DD2 was a newborn, as DH worked only a 5 minute drive away.

    Good luck deciding!

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    I like my independence too much for that! And I feel guilty making the newborn get in and out of the car irrespective of her sleep cycles and whether she is due for a sleep etc.

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    My Dad has a scooter, my Mum hates it lol. He has had one tumble but was okay which he mostly credits to his clothing... so my advice would be get a good quality, thick riding jacket!

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    Neither offers more protection than the other really. Sometimes it can be easier to jump off a scooter, because of the step-through design, if you have to ditch the vehicle (yes, it does happen). Some think a motorbike is safer as it (usually) is more powerful and responsive , to 'get you out of trouble faster'. That said, the same reason can also get you into trouble faster than on a scooter.

    You still need a licence for a scooter I am sure (at least in Victoria).

    The safety gear for both vehicles is the same. I *HATE* seeing people in their office garb with just a helmet on, buzzing around on their scooters, because they're "safer" than a motorbike. The amount of gear may put you off, as you will spend ages faffing about getting dressed and undressed, which may be longer than "destinking".

    Make sure, whichever vehicle you go for, that you let it warm up sufficiently. A bike or scooter is no different to a car in terms of needing to get warm. Extra wear and costs if you only ever ride (or drive) short distances without the engine warming up.

    Don't ride either without doing at least one course. Do the full day licence course, and then extras if you can. If you were in Victoria I would send you to the guys at Rider Bros, who are brilliant. They can even teach you how to "knee down" on a scooter. I know different riding schools teach different things. Many only the basics required to pass the licence test, and nothing on how to reallt "ride", incpuding the basic skill of countersteering (pushing the bars to 'turn' the front wheel in the opposite direction of where you want to go).

    And it's not really about zipping in and out of traffic, or highway riding. Most road accidents happen within 10km of home.

    Scooters are cheaper to run than most motorbikes (I used to know a Harley salesman who would ride his scooter to work in Melbourne cbd and keep his harley for the weekends, purely based on cost of fuel. But, that's a harley, not some little commuter bike). That said, there are some pretty nice looking bright red motorbikes too.

    I would get dh to drive you to the station. Also because at the end of a bad and long day at work, the last thing you're going to want to do is lug all your riding gear home on the train, get dressed, and concentrate on the ride home. And it is 110% concentration. Add to that bad weather, being unwell, etc. I don't know your riding level or skill, but its worth considering. Good luck.

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    What about a powered bicycle?

    I wouldn't get a bike or a scooter for such a short commute.

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    Dec 2008

    I'm pretty sure you still need some sort of licence for a powered bike too.

    I'd get a scooter because they're cute lol.

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    Do not get a powered bicycle!!! Unless they are under 200 watts (power of a hair dryer) they are illegal because they need to be registered and insured and you can't do that because there is no way too. And even if they are only 48cc you will still get done for riding a motorcycle without a license as well as the other two charges of no reg or ins

    Trust me we know. We found out the hard way and we got a nice judge. Could have been alot worse.

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    we are a vespa family

    so would totally go scooter over motorbike...also it will most likely be cheaper to insure and they run on very little fuel.

    back in the day you could get a scooter under 150cc with only a car license...but times may have changed