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Thread: ? about PPS and tax?

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    Default ? about PPS and tax?

    From June 09- March 10 I received $10400 of PPS. Do I have to do a tax return? I only just realised I might have to but I dont have any paperwork, will centrelink send me any? DH is doing his tax on wed so Id prob prefer to do it then.

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    You will get a payment summary from them, it should arrive this week so you can do your tax.

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    You only need to do a tax return if you personally received income from another source or paid tax on your payment or under PAYG ITI or ITW.

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    My bad, read the wrong payment lol. What BR said

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    if you paid any tax on the PPS you will need to do a tax return

    given you're now partnered, that income will impact your ftb part be entitlement from march through to june - i would consider doing a tax return to get as many deductions as you can legitimately get on that to make sure you get as much ftbb as possible anyway....

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