thread: Benefits Grr I'm so confused, HELP PLEASE :)

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    Benefits Grr I'm so confused, HELP PLEASE :)

    Hi Ladies,

    Hubby and I have been trying to work out what benefits we will receive once bub comes so that we can work out when I will need to go back to work.
    I will have to talk to work about it soon but until I have some idea of what government assistance i'll receive I won't know.
    Can you please help me out.
    Bubs is due in Dec so we won't be entitled to the new scheme.
    I have researched and researched and it has resulted in us both being very confused.
    I am entitled to baby bonus which is paid in fortnightly increments for approx 3 months, Family tax benefit A will only be about $50 a fortnight because we earn over $45,000? Do we get family tax benefit B?
    Once baby bonus payments stop, we receive only fam tax A?
    Hubby earns approx $60,000 which won't be enough so thinking i may have to go back to work once baby bonus payments stop at 3 months but would love 6 months off.
    Also if i'm working do we still get government assistance?
    So basically I would like to know is there anyone in our situation who can give me some idea of the weekly/fortnightly benefits we will receive?
    Thanks ladies

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    You are best to try the estimate calculator on the Centrelink & Family Assistance website. How much you are eligible for will change with the estimates you put in.

    If you do the estimate and then add the BB on top of that, it will give you the best estimate of the assistance you would get.

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    I think the baby bonus is paid over 6 months- you recieve it for 13 fortnights, so that is exactley 6 months.

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    baby bonus is paid over 13 fortnights - so approx six months. if you lodge straight after birth, it is generally processed within 3 weeks

    ftba and ftbb will depend on your estimates - you will need to go to the centrelink site, type in "estimator" in the search function, and run a family assistance estimate. work out ideal scenario - you don't go back until 1 july next year - so your income will be whatever it us until you stop working, and your hubby the 60k. that will give you the amount of each payment til the end of the year. if you think you may go back earlier, run another estimate, using the figures for both before you leave, plus what you'll earn from return date through to june 30. play around a little and work out what is going to be most viable for you.