thread: Does number of children ffect thresholds for FTB A and B?

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    Does number of children ffect thresholds for FTB A and B?

    We got the first instalment of the baby bonus into our account today (go Centrelink!! I only posted it last week so am very amazed at the speed) and with the payment is an amount because we're now apparently a larger family () and also a portion for FTB A.

    This is the first payment we've received this financial year for FTB A (we get B), so I'm wondering if its because the income threshold gets lowered once you have another child? I've had what admittedly is only a very quick look on the website but can't find anything to confirm. Has anyone experienced this when their third child came along?

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    we now get a larger family bit. I think its like $11. But I had to laugh at it when I first saw it. But I said to dh I bet they get rid of it once they realise that 3 kids is becoming the norm.
    I have no idea about the thresholds though. sorry

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    With one child the max threshold is 101k, for two its 111k, for three around 121k (give or take). When you have three kids, you also get a large family supplement each fortnight. So yes ftba changes with kidlet number

    Ftbb is based on youngest child age and income of lower income earner. Number of kids doesn't come into it

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    Thanks so much BG. Will be a nice little bonus we weren't expecting then.

    I had to laugh too beans. We didn't even get a whole fortnight, but a portion so I think it was a whole $4.08 or something! Probably couldn't even buy a coffee for that but hey, every little bit helps.