thread: Help/Advice with starting off

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    Apr 2009

    Help/Advice with starting off

    Hi All,

    We just had a slight bleeding scare yesterday but had a transvaginal US and saw our little little one and its heartbeat.

    Anyway we are 6 weeks in and would like some advice on what we may be eligable for.

    *he* works and earns about 45k.
    *she* is training and works part time.

    We would like to know for when we move in with *f's mum, for centerlink purpose is there any benefit to say we are de facto or other? because from one of the threads it said the combined income is a big factor.

    *she* is on no gov benefits, but *he* was thinking it must be available.

    Please please help we are unsure where to start and initial GP was terrible, Royal womens was great yesterday but did not advise us of any forms.

    Thanks in advance

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    My advice would be do not lie to centrelink. If you are in a defacto relationship then tell them.
    You will get all the necessary forms when you birth your baby. They will include the baby bonus claim form and the forms for family tax benefit.
    I'm doubtful that you would qualify for any centrelink payments (you may be entitled to a heath care card) in your present situation.
    You can always make an appointment at one of the offices to discuss your situation.

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    Yup, no benefits until there is a baby Unless you are already entitled. Centrelink don't pay for a baby in utero

    I would also say on the forms (when bub is born and you get them) that you are de-facto, and from there on in any benefit you receive will be based on your combined income. If you say you are separated then to get any parenting payment from Centrelink you have to go through Child Support and if you aren't really separated then that's a load of hassle you don't need!! Plus if you get busted you will be in trouble

    You'll get some Family Tax Benefit for sure If you are going to be living with your MIL then that will be a huge money saver too for not paying rent as such.

    GL and Congrats

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    Yep as the other ladies have said u can't get any payments while your pregnant....only once bubs arrives.

    There's a heap of info on the centrelink website and there's a 'rate estimator' which can tell you what u may be elegible for and how much. HTH

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    guess what you are de-facto their is no other

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    Try the centrelink website for further information. Drs and hospitals dont have this info, but when baby is born they will hand you the forms to start your baby bonus/FTB claim.

    as said before, you ARE in a defacto relationship and will be living with your MIL so there isn't another way to claim.

    You may be eligible for Rent Assistance also if you pay rent to mil.

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    ok, i'm gonna look at BEFORE baby is born cos it sounds like there is more to this than JUST after baby is born

    if you are currently living in a marriage like relationship (defacto) then you need to tell centrelink NOW - or if you move in together, from that date. you say one person is on Centrelink payments NOW - if you don't declare, that person is being overpaid every day and it's possible you will be caught out and end up with a nasty little debt. partnered status doesn't apply JUST after the baby is born and for baby related payments - it's an "all the time" thing - so you need to notify NOW otherwise she is being overpaid for newstart/youth allowance or whatever payment she is currently on

    as for after baby is born - you're defacto, so you will be treated as a couple. current income (his 45k) is too high to qualify for parenting payment (income support) but you will qualify for baby bonus and family tax benefit. you'll get the forms when baby is born. at the MOST, you'll get around 150 of ftba, and, if partner does not have any income (including centrelink payments) next financial year, around 130 of ftbb. if you're paying rent, you might get rent assistance - but if you're paying board to one of your parents, what you get for that "rent" amount will be taken into account both for you and for the parent. if it is deemed rent, it is deemed income for the "landlord" so make sure you have an agreement in place with that one.

    don't try and say you're not partnered when you are - it really isn't worth it. there are many factors apart from the room you sleep in that will determine your partnered status and if you say you're not partnered when you are, there will be nasty debts and potential prosecution for defrauding the government - soooooo not worth it