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Thread: If you have HECS debt and waiting for reconcilliation....

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    Exclamation If you have HECS debt and waiting for reconcilliation....

    Can you please post here when you get it and let me know how long it took for it to come through?

    I know that there was a problem with the processing if you have a HECs debt (seems to be delayed) but I would love to get an idea of approx how long I will be waiting for my reconcilliation especially after forking out $1700 in vet bills yesterday which is money that we did not have.

    DP already has his NOA back. Just waiting on mine. I processed mine a few hors before DP's (both on etax).

    The stress level in my house right now because of money is almost unbearable. We really need this.

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    I lodged mine Wednesday 28th through a tax agent and haven't heard anything yet. DH doesn't have a HECS debt and he hasn't gotten his either. We are the same and are hanging out for it too.

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    I've got a HECS debt, and was waiting on FAO supps.
    Did mine tax the 12th through e-tax and this afternoon on the Centrelink website, it said I'd be getting my FAO supps on Tuesday. I assume my NOA and tax return won't be far behind. So thats 29 days, 4 weeks. Not too bad really.

    Shel got hers back after 14 days. She doesn't have a HECS debt, and the FAO stuff is in my name so hers was just a standard tax return.

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    That is great Leasha - sounds like they are starting to work through them. Hopefully they wont be too long now they are processing them.

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    Thanks girls.

    Leasha- that is great. I am just happy knowing a rough estimation of the time it may take. Thanks for posting that info

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    I was just browsing around on the ATO website and found this:

    To check the progress of your refund, phone 13 28 65. This is an automated service and is available 24 hours a day, every day.

    You will need to key in your tax file number (TFN) using your phone keypad to use this service.

    You might be able to find out where your claim is up to.

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    Thanks Liviam. I jsut called. It said I have to wait until the 23rd of August before enquiring again. I am hoping that means that they think by then I will have it. LOL!

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