thread: maternity payment paid?

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    maternity payment paid?

    just wondering how long it will take to get the first installment of the maternity payment? DD will be 4 weeks old at the end of the week and we sent in the forms when she was 5 days old. just wondering when it should come through. also, should it be showing up somewhere on centerlinks online area? i just logged on and i cant see it mentioned anywhere.

    Also as a side question- do you qualify for child care rebate if you are on materntiy leave? and does the mother have to be working/training or studying or both parents or just the father?

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    Hollo - Im not sure about the maternity payment.
    For daycare i think you get 24hours CCB but not the 50 that you get if its both of you passing work/study test, but Im not 100% sure, I need to check this myself

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    I got my maternity payment after 6 weeks.

    With the CCB rebate, you are entitled to the 50 hrs, as mothers on maternity leave are considered to be a working parent, once you are not on maternity leave and are not working or studying you would then only be entitled to 24hrs rebate.
    Or until they change the system again

    Hope this helps

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    the baby bonus is generally processed within 3 weeks of Centrelink receiving all paperwork and info they need - given that we've had a few public holidays in the past couple of weeks, as well as continual processing of the disaster victim claims, there haven't been as many hours to be able to devote to processing it - there may be a few days delay. the standard is to have 70% of all claims processed within that three week window (given DD is only 3w3d, that window hasn't passed yet). i would say give it another few days and if it's not showing on Centrelink online by Friday, give them a call. it should show as next payment when you first log in to online services

    as to child care - you will be entitled, while on actual maternity leave, to up to 50 hours of subsidised care per child per week, as well as the child care rebate (the 50% rebate) provided you qualified for these BEFORE you went on mat leave. if you are not intending to return to work, you are not eligible from the day you ceased work (you drop to 24 hours of subsidised care, no rebate) - if you are on mat leave and decide in 2 months that you will no longer be returning to work, you need to notify centrelink as, from that date, you will cease to be eligible for the higher rebates due to you no longer being employed