i need some help with my 09/10 estimation that i made this time last year, because dh lost his job during the year i over estimated our income. we havent recieved anything from centrelink for the whole year, cos apparently we went over the cutoff. Now my question is, can someone tell me what the actual cutoff was. cos even though i over estimated last year, i dont want to go and make a claim for a lump sum payment and do all the paper work if in fact we are still over the cutoff. i hope that makes sense??

is there any chance someone could tell me what the cutoff is for this year for a couple with 1 child? please dont send me to centrelink website cos i have been on there allllll day trying to understand it all and i think i am getting it all wrong.

can someone just give me a figure.......eg a family where both adults are working with 1 child that is 8 needs to make under $130,000 to get any FTB or something like that

also i started a job yesterday, i have no idea what my hours are going to be like, so how do i go about doing an estimate if i dont know what hours i will be doing??

i know i can just do a rough estimate and go and adjust it later hey??

the lady at centrelink today said that the cutoff for a family like mine is $102,000. but yet i go and read on the website that its $150,000. SEE!!! this is why i need help lol its to hard to understand lol

thanks heaps in advance for your time and patience, i am sure this silly question has probably been asked a million times.

also i was told that apparently everyone is getting a payment around $700 for each child you have, no matter what you earn.........is this true? i remember getting something like that a little while ago, so thought i better check to make sure.