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    Default new to CCR

    please forgive my non understanding of this... i find it all so confusing!!

    I'm new to all this childcare stuff. LOL

    All my paperwork etc is done for the CCR and apparently I do get it with DD being in FDC, but do I have to do anything else or is it automatically done and goes into my account??

    This will be paid sometime in april yes????

    I'm so sorry for being annoying and asking so many questions, i was reading other posts to try and get my head around it a little more, but...hmmmm

    thanks for helping me understand this.

    Hey... if i understand this time, when #2 comes along I should understand it. LOl

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    if you are registered for CCB (fee reduction to FDC) then yes, you are registered for CCR. The EARLIEST CCR will be paid is late in April - but there is a window of three months from around the 20th of April in which the Jan-Mar quarter CCR will be paid so don't hold your breath based on them paying late April...

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