thread: paperwork for baby bonus?

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    Question paperwork for baby bonus?

    Hi ladies,
    Was hoping someone who's done this recently can help me out here.

    Im planning on filling in my centrelink forms while in the hospital after having bubs, to save time when I get hm..does anyone know what forms they give you in hossy? Is it just the baby bonus forms? Im going to apply for baby bonus, FTB A and B and rent assistance, wanted to know if I need to pick up copies of these forms or if hossy will supply them.

    Also what paperwork will I need to take to be able to complete them? Im guessing I.D., tax notice of assessment for income details, bank details and my rent details...anything else? Will I need to supply DPs I.D., income details etc?
    Have I missed anything?

    Any advice would be great!!

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    they will give you all the forms you need, as well as the medicare registration and birth regirstrations one too. but it really is something that you need to do at home - I couldn't think of anything worse than having all our financial stuff sitting in an unsecure hospital room kwim? Plus you really wont have the time or the inclination to do it properly as you do need to have your head reasonably straight so you don't miss anything because if you have missed something, or have filled something in wrong, it will hold up your application. I would fill in as much as I could without all the financial stuff just to fill in time, and then did the rest once I got home.

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    surprisingly, the forms are really brief - basically a few pages of general information - everything else you either fill in online or over the phone - about 2 years back, the form went from being 50+ pages to 4 or 8. every other bit of data is collected over the phone or online. basically it means you're not having to fill in heaps of details and perhaps answer questions that arent' relevant - as you answer over the phone or net, the answer you give prompts the next question

    the information you need will depend on your situation, but as a guide you'll need
    name, address, dob for self and partner
    details of when you became partnered/married (you may need to provide your marriage certificate)
    if either of you born outside of the country, you need to know what date you arrive in AU, on what kind of visa,
    if either of you are non-Au citizens, what your current visa subclass and date of grant is
    if you were born outside of Au, but are now and Au citizen, what date you were granted Au citizenship
    medicare number
    tax file numbers for both of you
    rental details - what date you moved into the house, how much rent you pay, who your landlord or estate agent are (including their contact details/address) - if you have a current lease agreement, you'll need to provide this to the office when you take your form in, if you don't, you'll need to get a rent certificate to fill in
    income estimate for your self and your partner - i would have estimate for both this financial year (july 1 2008-june 30 2009) and the next financial year - i'm not sure when they'll start asking for next financial year details (can't see your EDD in the reply function)
    bank account details that you want your payment made to
    baby's name and DOB details

    off the top of my head, that's about all you'll need to have with you - if you do it over the phone, it will take about half an hour (ballpark) to go through the application. they'll talk with you about payment choices etc and will then advise you of any additional information you need to provide to the local centrelink office. if you previously claimed a payment from c'link you'll already have a file, if not, they may need to create one for you which will take a short while.

    a lot of people make this call while they're in hospital if their baby is in SCN or just recently fed - but just so that you're aware of it - if you make the call and have to hang up before all the info is collected, they need to recollect all the information next time, so do what you can to make sure you have back up for bubs and for you when you make it.


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    Great thanks,
    DP and I are just boyfriend/girlfriend so don't have any partnered details? But rental lease is in both our names.

    Also DPs job is casual but same amount of hrs every week so will I just provide an estimate? Then if his hrs change or he changes to full time can i use C link online services to update the details?

    I've never claimed any sort of assistance before but registered for clink online services last week as it seemed like a good idea so when bubs arrives I don't have to sit on my mobile all day (no home phone so calling c link would give us a huge phone bill)

    And im due 10th may (if this makes any difference?)

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    hi tattoomama, i dont know if what i did 2 years ago is still relevant, but when i rang clink i told them i was on my mobile(no house phone either) and they kindly rang me back so i didnt have to fork for the bill.
    its a very very simple process and i was probably on the phone for about 25mins to them.
    good luck

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    TM - your EDD won't make any difference - there will be no changes to baby bonus until at least July 1 (and if you're that overdue, i think we'd be looking in the loony bin for ya!)

    given you're in a defacto relationship, they'll search for a record for each of you and work with that - it's fairly straight forward. it IS easier to do it on the phone (as someone there knows how to interpret the questions for you!), but you can do it online for sure - just make sure you provide everything you're asked at the end so as not to delay your application

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    Thanks ladies
    Im such an organisation freak, I wish I could get them all filled in now before bubs comes!!!