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Thread: but its only 9:10am..*sigh*

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    Default but its only 9:10am..*sigh*

    My morning so far..

    7am kids screaming, fighting, banging, muuuuuuuummm- we not even outta bed yet
    8am, spilt breakfast, everywhere, fights over who made the mess in the bedroom
    8:20, takes moni literally 6min to SLIP on her shoes and she SLOWLY walks out the door with a silly grin on her face.
    8:28 moni slowly gets in the car dispite me saying over and over "miah is going to miss her bus now COME ON"
    so we finally get miah to the bus, get home again and...

    she puts a bull ant on the dogs bone that he was eating coz she thinks its funny that he will eat it and possibly get sick.
    she is hungry AGAIN.
    she made a mess in her room, 2nd time thismorning and is trying to blame it on miah.
    she cannot sit still she has to bang her legs or bounce on the couch or make clicking noises with her tounge.

    Im so frustrated, i just need to sit, its so early and im exausted.

    I am starting to doubt that ill handle this baby AND her

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    I hear you...sounds like a morning at my house too!!

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    Sounds like my house too! My kids are older and still behave like that at times.

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    I'm hearing you girl. My house is bedlam in the mornings especially when they have to get ready for school. My 2yo can either wake up a princess or a demon lol depends on which one wakes up as to how my day goes.

    If you think it might be something else a trip to the doc might be in order to rule out anything medical.

    Good luck hun

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