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Thread: Advice on my CHART

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    Default Advice on my CHART

    Here is the scenario:

    I have been on the pill for a couple of years.

    I went off the pill this February but didn't start trying until this month.

    In March, I had a 27 day cycle and had O pain about CD14.

    This month is strange. Please see my chart. FF is unsure but I think I may have O'd on CD8 (1 April). I DTD around then so I would be safe to say if I did O then, I may be PG. I have been a bit dizzy over the last couple of days and have urinated a bit more. I have not got sore BB but they are sensitive to touch.

    I originally thought I O'd on CD13..because I had a right side cramp for the morning.

    Yesterday and today, I have had fluttering butterflies down below and my left side is particularly fluttering. Last night, before my shower, a pinky/white glob of goo (sorry TMI) came out but it was not much but unusual and I have never experienced this before. It sort of feels like I'm getting AF believe it or not?? Is it in my head??

    I would love any advice anyone would have. It seems I am obsessing over this whole month and I'm sure some girls are getting sick of me! lol. I guess I'm just curious as I am all new to this so it's important I know what's going on. This is the first month I have actually charted.

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    BIndy, FF has only given you dotted coverlines, which means it isn't sure if you have ovulated or not. The fact that you have had fertile CM continue up until day 13 means that day 8 ovulation is pretty unlikely. Fertile CM usually clears up very quickly after O. And while you have had a temp rise after day 8, it hasn't really been a sustained rise.

    I suspect ovulation is far more likely to have been on day 13 or 14, and I think you will find that FF will move your coverlines very soon. Could the blob of pink CM possibly be from ovulation spotting?

    I'm not sure I've been much help at all. I'm sorry if it wasn't what you wanted to hear, just reading your chart as I see it. Even if O was on day 13 or 14 it looks like you are still in with a pretty good chance!


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    Thanks so much for replying BW. For the past 2 hours I've had very big O I think it's happening today. It's making me feel a bit unwell actually. So I think it's safe to say CD15 is O time. I'll DTD tonight or tomorrow and hopefully catch that eggie...if not, well...I'm gonna spare all this worrying stuff and buy OPK next month. Wish me luck but I strongly think I'm O now...

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    have you thought about getting an OPK pack and testing today Bindy? i know it's late in your cycle and you may not have caught the start of the LH surge, but if you are O'ing today, is it possible you'll see a strong result?

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    Hi Bindy

    It looks like there is no escaping me! I've now followed you to this thread! Please rest assured that we arent sick of you. We have all had these same questions at some stage - believe me!

    I dont want to get your hopes up but if you did ovulate around CD8 maybe the pains you are feeling could be implantation? The pink glob sounds promising too (implantation bleed). But by the same token, try to not stress too much over it as I've had pg symptoms every cycle so far (this is only my fourth cycle) and I haven't yet got the BFP! I would just keep BD'ing every second day starting tonight and see how things go. I also think that on Monday, FF will change your coverline to show that you ovulated yesterday.

    If you check the 1-6 month thread again, I've linked you to the post about the lady who ovulated at CD6.

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    Hi Briggsy, I was going to buy one today but am sure I O'd yesterday late afternoon (see my chart and journal). Thanks though for replying back to me, if I don't get PG this month, OPK here we come next cycle!

    Tony, thanks soooooo much for giving me the info on CD6 lady. I've written a piece in my journal today, am sure I O'd yesterday now. I'll just have to wait and see now xx

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    Give it a day or two and you should have your coverline I think. You just need to maintain a higher temp. shift from now on
    Goodluck on your TTC journey

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