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Thread: AF finally arrived - just a few chart questions

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    Default AF finally arrived - just a few chart questions

    Ok AF has finally arrived - my first cycle off the pill! Yay!!! It's funny - I got it on the day I normally would - just one week later.

    Yesterday was CD 35. I noticed AF when I went to the toilet around 10.00 pm last night. I think I've read that if AF arrives late at night you should count the following day as CD 1. Is that right? So today would be CD 1? Not yesterday?

    Also do I just record "Menses" on my chart - will this automatically create a new cycle chart for CD 1???


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    Yes today would be CD 1 as you need a full day of flow I can't remember if it creates a new chart (was over 2 yrs ago last time i charted) I *think* it did though.


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    Yay Fee. =D>

    Yep just put in Mensus and it will create a new chart for you.

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    Thanks guys.

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