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    This may sound silly, but I am having issues determining whether my cervis is 'high' or 'low' or 'medium' or 'soft'...To me, each time I check it, it feels medium and a bit soft, but not really...

    My cervix today was medium and soft...don't know how 'open' it was, and I have very EWCM temp dropped yesterday, but was back to normal this AM, and I can feel ovulation pain on the left (I think).

    I think it's fair to say I may be fertile for the next 12-48 hours...does anyone disagree and can you please tell me why? I would also like to know how the cervix is supposed to be when you are most fertile. Is it high and soft or low and soft?

    Sorry, bit of a beginner here...

    thanks for whatever help you can give me!!


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    Hi Julsey,

    It is normally high and soft when you are fertile, but changes through the day anyway. I find it doesn't change significantly some cycle either.

    When it is soft it feel like touching my tounge (or a little firmer)
    Medium is like touching my thigh
    Hard is like touching the tip of my nose.

    I struggle though!

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