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    Default Article of the Month - CHARTING YOUR CYCLE FOR CONCEPTION

    With so many new members to BB asking about ways to identify when their body is ovulating, and also starting to chart their cycles for the first time, I thought this article would be particularly useful.

    It talks about how to chart your cycle for conception, through means such as taking temperatures, using ovulation predictor kits (OPK's), as well as checking cervical positions, and how you can use BB to record your cycle day to keep track of things.

    Take a look at the article [url=]here[/url]. For those TTC, it's a fantastic resource!

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    I am definitely a big fan of charting your cycle for conception. Some people may think it is all a bit to clinical, but I found it a great way to know what your body was up too. Even now with not charting I can tell when I am ovulating because of my CM. If I was ever to TTC a 3rd I would be charting again in a heartbeat. I actually wish Kelly's article was around when I was charting, as like most people, I found how to identify what CM I was having a bit tricky but Kelly has explained it really well in her article


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    Definately 100% a charter here as well. Aaron has issues with a low sperm count so we have to BD as close as possible to ovulation to have any chance at getting pregnant. I think that if I wasn't charting I wouldn't be able to pinpoint ovulation it would have taken us much much longer to fall pregnant.

    I agree too that it would have been good if this article was around when I started. I think next time even though I have charted before the article would be a great help.....

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