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    Hi guy's, How is everyone?
    i just wanted to ask if anyone finds charting their bbt helps?!!! i started to do it a few months ago and i went to see my doctor and she told me no-one does it any more and it is not reliable enough! 8-[

    i have been TTC #2 for 4yrs and i will do anything to help myself. what do you all think? should i chart or not.

    regards jodie. :?

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    I dont chart, but several of the ladies here do. Check out fertility friend.

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    Jodie I charted this cycle and I got pregnant. I think that the information you can gather is very interesting. It showed a temp drop for 3 days while I took cough medicine, the day I stopped taking it my temps went back up and continued to go up. Even though it tricked me into believing that AF was on the way, it was still interesting to see.

    If you haven't gone on to Fertility Friends you will see that loads of women temp. Most women feel that it gives them some sort of control because they have a better understanding of there cycles. I would chart!

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    Hi Jodie,
    I think your doctor is right about the charting but only if temperatures are taken in to account on their own. If you combine them with other factors such as CM (cervial mucus), CP (Cervical Position - though I have yet to master this and don't think I ever will) and OPKs (Ovulation Predictor Kits) then you can get a general idea of when you each cycle. I don't think there is any harm getting to know your cycles a little better so maybe your Doc shouldn't be so quick to jump on the idea. Have a look at It's free, so have a go and maybe print out one of your charts for your Doc to see? Maybe she will see it in a different light once she sees the info it can produce?? :-k
    In saying this, I have charted 3 times and got a different result each month :-s . 2 of the months, FF pinpointed 'O' on different days and one month it couldn't pinpoint it at all. I guess it's probably not 100% reliable but sometimes you have to do your own interpretation of the data. At least this site puts it in to a nice little package for you n e way!
    Good luck and I hope you get a soon!


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    Hi Jodie,

    I charted whilst I was TTC. I spoke to my OB about his thoughts on the matter and he said he wished more women did chart/learn about their natural cycle!

    The benefits, from my perspective, were this:

    ~ I got to know my own cycle, which was a comfort, as I quickly realised I had a regular 29 day cycle.
    ~ I also realised that I was at least ovulating: I could see this from my charts: very reassurring.
    ~ I felt like I was the one "in control" and being "proactive", which was comforting, as after a long time of TTC with no BFP, I did sometimes feel like it was all a bit much.
    ~ When I did get referred (for a lap) I had all the details of my charting/cycle at my fingertips, so my OB could get a realistic picture of my cycle as well.
    ~ It's interesting!! I enjoy knowing what my body is up to!!

    However, the downsides can be:

    ~ Can make you a bit obessive at times
    ~ Run the risk of only BD'ing at your "fertile time" which has got to be a downer for you both...
    ~ Run the risk of your relationship and babymaking attempts becoming a little bit "clinical"
    ~ You do tend to over-analyse every tiny sign, especially from around 10 DPO!!

    Having said all that, I would, from my personal experiance, recommend charting.

    And as the other girls have said, Fertility Friend is great: the info that you can print off is spot on, and the online tracking is very good too.

    If you want to have a squizz at a chart of mine, help yourself......


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    Hi Jodie,

    I agree with what the other ladies have said. I am currently on my 4th cycle of charting, and whilst I am not pg yet, it certainly has helped me get to know what my body is doing. My doc is a huge supporter of charting and checking cm. I also use OPKs and occasionally check cp. I'd say give it a go. It doesn't take that much time or effort and it just may help! Good luck.

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