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Thread: breastfeeding and ovulating?

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    Default breastfeeding and ovulating?

    hi, i am just wondering... my OB said that because i am still breastfeeding i could ovulate at any time? what does this mean? i have had AF for 6 mths now but ranging from 31-38 days but when i said i was still breastfeeding he said 'oh you could have ovulated at anytime! i know i probably am in the wrong thread but i thought you girls would know what he is talking about. you see i think i am pregnant but my OB says he cant see anything on the scan so is trying to work out if i ovulated later than i thought but he suspects an early m/c and if so i will be joining you here and learning all about the charting thing.

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    Hey Michelle,

    I think your OB was probably referring to the fact that BF can cause your cycles to be quite irregular so it may be harder to tell when you did ovulate. I really hope that you did just ovulate later than thought and it's too early to see your bubba on u/s

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