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Thread: Calling all chart stalkers!!

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    Default Calling all chart stalkers!!

    Hey ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone has any spare time if they could have a sticky at my chart.
    I am fairly new to charting so wanted some advice from experienced charters.
    Also, what is the consensus on the 7-10dpo temp dip? I read on one web site that it was a myth but would be keen to know how many girls had got bfp's with no temp dip?


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    Hi Mummyto1

    I was actually reading about this temp dip on FF yesterday about studies they have done and I think according to their findings it is a little more than a myth. I think it needs to dip below the coverline though but could be wrong. Check out my chart below because I had a definite dip at 7DPO and whilst I am still to get that BFP, I'm pretty sure I might be getting one soon (positive thinking).

    I have cut and pasted this article below which I found quite interesting. If you want to read other related aricles it can be found in FAQ of FF. I have bolded the relevant sections you might be interested in in case you dont have time to read the whole thing.

    Is there such a thing as an implantation dip?

    There is a great interest in identifying very early pregnancy signs on charts. Which signs can tell you that you might be pregnant? Which are meaningless? To try to answer this question quantitatively, we have run some statistics on a large sample of charts.

    One of the most controversial and puzzling potential signs has always been a luteal phase dip. There has been a lot of speculation about the significance of a temperature dip in the days after ovulation around the time implantation would be expected. We wanted to get to the bottom of the issue and find out once and for all if seeing a dip in the luteal phase, around the time of expected implantation, increased the probability of pregnancy.

    Here is what we did:

    We ran a full statistical analysis on 116,691 charts recently processed by Fertility Friend, both pregnancy charts and charts that did not result in pregnancy.
    To be considered as a dip, charts had to show a significant single dip that lasted a single day, occurring between 5 and 12 days past ovulation.

    We used a minimum dip size of 0.3F. We also ran the test using several pattern recognition algorithms to validate the correlation independently of the method of measurement.

    Here is what we found:

    11% of charts that showed ovulation but did not result in a pregnancy displayed this pattern.

    23% of charts that showed ovulation and did result in a pregnancy showed this pattern.
    Of the pregnancy charts that showed this pattern, the most likely days for the dip to occur were between 7 and 8 days past ovulation.

    The data suggest that this pattern is indeed more likely to result in a pregnancy.

    Remember, though, if you have this pattern, it does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. It is just increasing your probability.

    No matter your chart pattern, you can still be pregnant as long as you have well-timed intercourse within your fertile time. In the end, the only way to really know for sure whether or not you are pregnant is still when you can reliably take a pregnancy test.

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    I didnt have an implantation dip

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    Neither did I.


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    Wow, I just logged on to ask this exact question. Yesterday and through last night I was a bit crampy so thought there was maybe an implantation going on. I am now 5DPO and got a bit disheartened this morning when I saw the dip. I had never heard of this relating to implantation before but had some suspicions (or maybe just hopes) because of what I was feeling. I have just looked at the charts that did result in BFP posted on this site, and the majority appear to have had the dip. However, the stats in the article Tonydayl posted (bye the way, thankyou heaps for that) indicate that there is still a greater number of charts that didn't have a dip and resulted in a pregnancy, ie 77%. So it appears that the dip is certainly not the norm, but if you have it, like Tonydayl said, the wait is still on. I will cling to any glimmer of hope. (even though I have had the dip for the past 13 months with BPN every time). Fingers crossed.

    What was your question about your chart mummyto1?

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    Thanks girls for the info - there was no real question about my chart just wanted any observations. Am onto a new chart now so doesn't matter....
    It seems the implantation dip is a bit of a mystery & glad to hear that some ladies didn't get it while still going on the get BFP's - gives us all hope!

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