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Thread: Can someone please check my chart

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    Default Can someone please check my chart

    hi all

    i was wondering if someone could check out my chart and let me know what they think, i am actually to scared to go and buy a hpt this month, i just don't want to see that one line. this charting business really gets me obsessed, so i think after this month i might not chart.

    anyways i think the whole thing looks a little crazy my temps seem so weird, only symptoms are tender bb's (get that usually each month after ovulation), increased creamy cm and ummm i am really cranky lol. symptoms that point to af arriving is my dh is suddenly all in the mood again (been to hot to do much bd in this house lately lol) he usually gets in the mood just prior to af arriving, i guess you could point the possible preg symptoms as af symptoms as well

    it looks like i ovulated quite early this month, after last month seemingly not ovulating at all so i really don't know when af is due probably middle of next week i am guessing.

    anyway just after some opinions, what is with these crazy temps and when do you think i should test

    link is my ticker


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    Your chart is looking good Michelle.
    Although it is a bit early to tell anything... and IKWYM about that one line on HPT!! Urgh!! Good luck, and I hope this is it for you!!

    I think you will know either way in a couple of days


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