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    here's some background info to help anyone understand my question:

    I have 5 children by birth and two more step children. I am a very feral person, have twins too. All my children were accidents. (happy accidents) After my last one, finally a Girl, the rest boys. , My husband and I decided that we were done having new babies and wanted to move forward with he children we already have. So, he was going to make an appointment for us to talk with someone regarding his surgery "snip-snip". So, I was supposed to take a depo shot at the end of February. (February 23rd would be the end of 13 weeks for depo) I skipped it because I don't like putting the chemicals in my body and felt confident that we will take care of his surgery now. On the depo, I don't get my periods, but I always get one when the next depo is due and if I'm late taking the shot, I will definitely get my period that week. Then when I get my new shot, the period finishes and I don't get it again until the shot is due again. (12-13 weeks) So, here is my problem: I don't have my period yet and never got it, (Spotted for two days last week but nothing more, wouldn't even call it spotting, two times I had brown on underwear mixed with the mucus stuff, which is also unusual.) I have felt like my period is here for weeks now and I have nothing. I have been very care full trying not to be pregnant waiting for his operation. But I slipped and let it happen about March 5th with him, Just that one time. So, last week I slightly spotted and I've had unusual white discharge for a few weeks that concerns me sometimes very thick and sometimes clear and thin (it's not an infection). My cervix has been Very high and Very, Very soft for a few weeks too. It hasn't changed it stays like that. because of not having a period yet and the slip up on the 5th, we took two home pregnancy tests, one pos and one neg. (I messed up on the positive one, so the negative would be more reliable to me, but I took that one last Thursday night. Cervix is still high and wet and very soft, but I can't tell if it's open or closed and am scared to try to find that out incase I am pregnant, I don't want to hurt it in any way by going too far in. Went into labor at 32 weeks with all my children, was able to hold off delivery with bedrest and medication until 37 weeks like clockwork for all of them except for the twins, we couldn't stop them and they came at 32 weeks, so I would be a higher risk because of that. Well, I'm scared and worried and don't know what to think of this. I will take a new test as soon as I can get to the store, probably in a week or so, but I'm kinda freaking out even though I got the negative test and was wondering if I could get any insight from a knowledgeable person or nurse or anyone. How long does the cervix stay up while ovulating? could I be in ovulation mode for this long? (I know it might sound stupid, but I don't know)

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    my situation is no where near yours but if it cervix is high for no more than two days while it is kinda soft for about 4 days. i'm sorry you aren't getting AF i guess that's why they call it the devil's drug.

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